July 23, 2024

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Municipal elections 2023: re-election for which mayors… a walkthrough

Municipal elections 2023: re-election for which mayors… a walkthrough

And while his thermometer Election “Fever” Goes into the hundreds candidatesThere are Six mayors He didn’t have to will be consumed Inside Pre-election activities Or They are anxious For tomorrow’s result ballot box, As they have secured re-election theirs. Reason; They are Unique candidates.

These are the mayors:

  • Municipality of Tobero, Thomas Micoclough, Elected for the first time in 2019
  • Iroiki Nisos Psara Municipality Konstantinos Vratsanoswho shall be re-elected for a fourth term,
  • Ayton Municipality Gigas GigasElected Mayor in 2019
  • Municipality of Chikinos Vasilis Marakis, In 2019, when he was the sole candidate, he was re-elected for a third term.

  • Municipality of Lipsey Fodis MangoesA third-term mayor, all unopposed and
  • Municipality of Antiparos Anastasios Faroupos, He was elected for the third time.


A total of 1,222 Municipal Corporations are participating in tomorrow’s matches Municipal Elections (Sun 8/10), claim their mayoralty 332 municipalities (as team leader) 1,047 men And just 164 women That is 13.5% of the total.

Registered in Electoral Rolls Municipalities are 9,775,181 Greeks voters, of which 4,743,059 were male and 5,032,122 were female. For the 2019 local council elections, the electorate is less by 147,113 voters and 96,552 compared to the 2014 elections.

465,218 (237,164 male, 228,054 female) new voters related to 2019 self-government elections.

The Most populous block Based on the 3rd Amendment of 2023 O South of Athens with 604,636 voters Followed by A’ Thessaloniki 530,841, Northern Sector of Athens 513,758, A’ of Athens 449,418, Eastern Attica 370,878, Western Sector of Athens 365,451, A239,12,81,231, 26,12,12,12,12,12,12,116 9 , B Piraeus 264,317 and Heraklion 257,787 voters.

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At one level Territorial units The eldest is hers Thessaloniki With 827,364 voters, followed by: Athens Central Sector 720,540, Athens North Sector 444,402, Athens South Sector 402,870, Piraeus 378,547, East Attica 370,847, Athens 27, 55 with 7, 3678 voters 19, Heraklion 257,7 87 and Larissa with 249,814 voters.