December 9, 2023

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Heraklion: Israeli tourists do not board flights to Tel Aviv for fear of hostility

Heraklion: Israeli tourists do not board flights to Tel Aviv for fear of hostility

A chaos was created at the airport on Saturday 7/10 Heraklion “Nikos Kazantzakis” It filled me up Israelis Tourists, when they were scheduled to depart Tel Aviv, However, they wished to extend their stay in Crete, eagerly following developments in their homeland.

bloody Hamas attacks at Gaza Strip caused concern Israelis At least as a result 17 Postponing return to their country.

Although the scheduled flights returned to normal till Saturday afternoon, the 17 Israelis Departing from the airport in the direction of Heraklion, they decided after serious discussion with their companions not to travel.

According to her statement ERT“Some Israeli tourists are afraid of what is happening in their homeland,” said Michalis Vladakis, head of Crete’s travel and tourism agencies. “Of the 340 people who were supposed to travel to Israel on the morning flights, 17 refused to leave in the end! So they lost their already purchased tickets for the return trip and hotel rooms in Heraklion at their own expense.” Recorded.

Reminded every day since Heraklion 9 flights depart Israel, Despite the chaos in the morning, the rest of the flights are operating normally.

Canceled Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Emirates,
TUI Belgium, Ryanair, Aegean Airlines, Air France

Meanwhile dozens of flights Tel Aviv Cancelled:

  • German Airlines Lufthansa announced that Cancels flights to do Israel After the attack by Hamas. Specifically, as a representative told AFP news agency, “Given the current security situation in Tel Aviv, Lufthansa will maintain only one aircraft. Frankfurt. “All her other flights Lufthansa from and Tel Aviv Canceled this Saturday (7/10).
  • Accordingly and Brussels Airlines has been cancelled Today, Saturday, 7/10Two planes ofIsrael, an airline spokesperson said, according to public French-speaking Belgian broadcaster rtbf. It is likely to be launched Special flightAlong with other agencies, people should be repatriated from the country.
  • Two Brussels Airlines flights were scheduled in between Brussels And Tel Aviv Today is Saturday: 9:45 a.m. and 9:10 p.m. The company decided cancel For security reasons, after the early morning Hamas attack. “We are now looking at it with other companies in the group, if possible Lufthansa (of which Brussels Airlines is a part), to organize a flight to repatriate passengers to Europe”, the representative clarifies.
  • At the same time, TUI Belgium Passengers will not be sent Tel Aviv up to October 21. Tel Aviv is the only location served in Israel, which TUI does not currently have as mentioned Belgians Tourists there.
  • Airlines have also been canceled, according to data from Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport’s online arrivals board. Emirates, Ryanair, Aegean Airlines, Air France And this American Companies.
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