December 3, 2023

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“My legs were cut off, but I didn’t want to give up.”

“My legs were cut off, but I didn’t want to give up.”



In his statements to NOVA, Milutinov spoke about the fatigue resulting from the continuous minutes, which could not get him out of the derby.

Olympiacos passed OAKA, and Nikola Milutinov was among the top five in… Kissing the red and white. Speaking to NOVA, the Serbian midfielder confirmed that fatigue was not enough to take him out of the match.

Milutinov’s statements in detail:

For Olympiacos to win: “It was a great way to start the season, we had a lot of absences. We knew it was going to be a different game to the Super Cup. We knew they were going to be strong, they were going to play with their bodies. We knew we were going to play. “Giving up the fight for 40 minutes. “We knew that if we stayed together we would win the game.”

About how he can play for so many minutes: “At one point it was difficult, my legs were amputated. When overtime came, I didn’t want to give up. “I have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow off, I wanted to help, I wanted to give everything for the team.”

Because he was saying that Olympiacos does not give up: “This is something that is in the team’s DNA. Kostas is still a member of the old team, he pushes us every day, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work here again.”

For Josh and Walkup: “They were unbelievable. It wasn’t just Alec and Kanan, every player brought something. You need all the players to have a match like this.”

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