May 21, 2024

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My Style Rocks – Nikolina: “I was first in Greece”

My Style Rocks – Nikolina: “I was first in Greece”

After coming out as a transgender woman, Nicolina Nicolozzo spoke about her parents' reaction when she explained her feelings to them at the age of 11.

On the program “Fay's Time” she gave an interview Nicolina NicolozzoHis player My Style Rocks The one in yesterday's episode I came out as a trans woman.

The 20-year-old shared her story publicly, revealing: “I wasn't always the person you see in front of you. I'm a girl born in the wrong body. This means, in other words, that I am a transgender woman. This journey started when I was only 11 years old. When I shared these feelings with my parents and with their support and the help of experts, I understood myself and at the age of 12 I started hormone therapy, and that is when my gender transition process began.”

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Initially, regarding her decision to go ahead with this public disclosure, Nikolina stated: “It's something that I consider very important to my character for someone to know, and because I came into this game to do my best, I wanted to make it that way,” he said. “To show the world and girls like me that there is nothing to be ashamed of.”.

“The girls didn't know, I didn't share it with anyone, I wanted to say it and see their reaction in that moment. I was shocked by the love and support on social media from people. I feel like my story touched a lot of people As stated by the 20-year-old.

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Referring to her confession to her family that she feels like a girl, Nikolina described: “When I was 11 years oldBecause I had felt these feelings for so many years, I gathered my whole family and told them I wanted to talk to them. I started explaining to them my feelings, how I felt for a long time and that I was sure I felt like a girl inside“.

Regarding their reaction, he said: “My sister had the funniest reaction. My mom and dad opened their arms and hugged me tightly. They told me no matter how you feel, we are here and we love you.”.

As for the subsequent process, Nikulina noted: It was difficult to find specialists to help me, and I think I was the first case in Greece, which made me feel like a guinea pig. Because I started transitioning as a teenager, it was completely new. “Besides being transgender, I've also become a person, and I've also discovered myself, so it's been a very rich journey.”

As for reactions in the social environment, he said: “The social environment, I'll talk about my family as well as my parents, they had a similar reaction to my parents. I received more war from my teachers in high school than from my classmates. They were a little offensive and were a little in denial about the situation. They told me, “Look, it doesn't matter, it will come as we want.” Naturally, my father had to intervene in some cases. They had to talk to the teachers and force them to respect me. “There are European laws that protect girls like me.”

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On the legal side, she stated that she had registered her name, and said: “When a law was passed allowing transgender people to change their names under the age of 18, I was the first person in Greece under the age of 18 to change his name“.

“The battle I fought was justified. No matter how many difficulties I went through, with the support of my father I pushed forward.” Nicolina Nicolozzo also pointed out.

He concluded: “I went through a phase where I kept pictures of my childhood. I would see them to remember how far I had come. Often in therapy I would go back and hug my younger self. What I want to say to kids like me is that only we know who we really are, and we are responsible for letting those around us know it.“.