May 21, 2024

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The end of the cave is painted in blood

The end of the cave is painted in blood

The end of the cave is described to the witch and in fact will have its main feature being blood.

Spilios Gerakaris will come face to face with his past, but he will also learn something that will dramatically change his life. It will be revealed to him that Theophano is his half-sister.

Even then, Cypriani's mother is obsessed with Theophano and tells him that he should get out of the way. Spellius will put his thoughts to rest and see that Theophano is not the one responsible for the collapse of his daughter's marriage. Thus we will see him not wanting to kill Theophano.

On the other hand, as we read in the Telerama, Sebellius will confront the past. Anahit's spirit will take over Theophanos' body and Petronis will return from the dead and talk to him.

Sebellius will be shocked and his son will make him bear all the consequences of his actions. Thus, the ending seems to be predetermined and blood is its main feature.

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