December 6, 2023

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Names and features of 14th generation Intel Core processors (Raptor Lake-S Refresh) leaked – Intel

Names and features of 14th generation Intel Core processors (Raptor Lake-S Refresh) leaked – Intel

Although the names of six models of Intel’s 14th generation processors, known as “Raptor Lake-S Refresh”, were recently leaked through an online store, we now know the names of all the new processors.

A few days agouser X with the surname YuuKi_AnS (Related post no longer exists) The complete list of new generation Intel Core models has been published on well-known social media along with their features and specifications. Intel is rumored to be unveiling its latest K and KF series Intel Core processors sometime this month (unconfirmed reports suggest it will announce this at the Intel Innovation 2023 conference starting on September 19 with the hype already starting on October 16). The first “arrives on our screens” a day later).

The company had planned to introduce the more affordable “locked” (non-K) models in the context of CES 2024 scheduled to be held at the beginning of the new year, but someone made sure to spoil the party much earlier than it seemed by leaking the entire lineup of 14th generation core processors. . The list also includes more “modest” models such as the Intel 300 and 300T (both with a 2P+0E configuration in terms of cores) which are the successors of the Pentium Gold and Celeron processor families.

It is worth noting that the leaked list (dated September 5) includes certified samples (QS), so some details of the processor may change – although we doubt it – in the production models. Some points in the table are also a bit unclear – DDR5 memory support is different and ECC memory support is inconsistent.

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Intel appears to be sticking with the usual lineup of three different Raptor Lake-s Refresh desktop processor designs. website Tom’s devices It notes that “die B0 (8P-16E) underlies models from Core i5-14600 and above, while die C0 (8P+8E) is found in models from Core i5-14400 to Core i5-14500T. Die H0 is found ( 6P+0E), which is less “dynamic” within models from Intel 300 to Core i3-14100T. According to estimates and unconfirmed information, the cost of all new models on average will increase by about 15%.

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