June 13, 2024

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NASA: Amazing details of the swirling galaxy – unique images – Newsbomb – News

NASA: Amazing details of the swirling galaxy – unique images – Newsbomb – News

Stunning new images from the space telescope James Webb Ha NASA.

the Galaxy Ha Dennis (Galaxy Spiral) It is one of the most famous galaxiesScientists can easily see them, even with binoculars. because of spiral to appearanceLike her LandIt is a constant target of observations, with astronomers expressing special interest in studying it phenomena Of them, such as their interactions with other galaxies, for example.

It’s approx 23 million light years from Land Its diameter is approx 40,000 light years away. They are also the brightest galaxies in the galaxy group to which they belong and the blue regions in their spirals are massive birthplaces for new stars.

Space telescope James Webb With its advanced instruments, it targeted the swirling galaxy and captured detailed images in the infrared spectrum. The footage depicts, among other things, Hot ionized gas To orbit around the center of the galaxy. In addition, they appear Cold gas filaments In her coil.

the New notes They are expected to further “shed light” on specific phenomena and mechanisms Galaxyas well as spirals in general.

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