May 18, 2024

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NASA launches its own streaming service, NASA+, on November 8 – NASA

NASA launches its own streaming service, NASA+, on November 8 – NASA

NASA has released a trailer hinting at the launch of NASA+, a free video streaming service, next week.

“It’s not just about rockets,” NASA said in a post about its new service, adding: “No subscription required. No ads. No cost. Family-friendly! Emmy Award-winning live shows. Original series. On most major platforms.” “.

NASA+ arrives on Tuesday, November 8, and is part of a broader revamp of the space agency’s website and app.

The free streaming service will feature award-winning live coverage, which has thus far been featured on the NASA Live website. NASA+ will also stream original series about many of the agency’s past, current and future space missions, along with other original content.

The update comes at an exciting time for NASA as it prepares to send the first astronauts to the moon since the last Apollo mission in 1972. Artemis 2 will send three Americans and a Canadian on a trip to the lunar surface next year, while it will be followed by Artemis III, which will send the first woman and the first man of color. to the moon. Astronauts are currently testing a new camera to record manned landings on the moon, and many of the images captured will undoubtedly be for NASA+, as well as the service’s renewed website and app.

“Our vision is to inspire humanity through NASA’s unified global online experience,” Jeff Seaton, NASA’s chief information officer, said earlier this year. NASA’s legacy represents an opportunity to dramatically improve the user experience for the audiences we serve. “Technologically modernizing our key websites and simplifying how audiences interact with our online content are critical first steps in making our Service information more accessible and secure.”

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