June 16, 2024

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Nathan Chen won his sixth American figure skating title, the Olympic team decided

Just like four years ago, Nathan Sen. Prior to the Olympics he won the American Figure Skating title. He hopes that this time the winter games will be very different.

Chen fell twice (once in a dance scene) on Sunday’s free skate but still easily won his sixth national title – the second man to reach the record in the last 70 years. Like the others, this is a diversion.

Sen said he may not be able to make those mistakes against the two-time gold medalist, “Today is the right day. Yusuru Hanyu Next month. “I made two stupid mistakes.”

He landed six fours between two projects, a total of 328.01 points and 25.53 points more than the 17-year-old. Of Ilya Malin.

Figure Skating Nationals: Full results

Three American athletes are going to the Olympics, but Malin was sent to a place by a selection committee. Chose instead Vincent Cho And Jason Brown, Third and fourth place finishers with more than 10 points to Malin.

This is the second time an American athlete who won a silver medal in the men’s category has left the Olympic team. In 2018, Rose Miner Finished an amazing stage at the Nationals, but the team went with Chow and Adam Ribbon Based on their recent work.

National championships are not Olympic trials. The team selects the Olympic team based on the results of the January 2021 US Championship. Zhou and Brown finished second and third in the country last year, and the second and third American men to leave the country this season.

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“The three of us here over the last few years have really shown why we deserve this place,” Sen said, sitting next to Zhou and Brown after the team was named.

Malin missed the country last January due to injury. He was the top skater on the junior circuit this fall. His best overall score of the international season was more than 14 points shy away from Brown & Chow’s bad score, although comparing scores was tricky, especially for seniors and juniors (which have a low scoring element in the free skate, but not enough. Create a 14-point difference).

Malin said he felt he deserved to be on the Olympic team after landing four quads on the Clean Free Skate on Sunday, but that it ultimately depended on the team. Eventually, he was named in the squad for the March World Championship against Brown, pending his ability to record the lowest score at an international event now and in between.

“He’s definitely the future of American figure skating,” said Chen, who at the age of 17 thought Malin was “miles ahead” of where he was (when Chen won his first national title).

Zhou, who suffered the only defeat at the Olympic Games in Skate America three months ago, was 2.61 points behind after a narrow performance on Saturday. But he unleashed on a free skate with five quad attempts, landing and his last jump, falling on the triple axle.

“I was so nervous, my body froze me,” he said.

Until this season, it was assumed that Hanyu could only compete with Sen in Beijing Games (Sen, fifth at the 2018 Olympics, and Hanyu did not go head-to-head this season). Zhou, who is ranked second in the world behind Chen this season, challenged that notion. But not Sunday.

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Brown, 27, fell in his single four-attempt attempt, but was strong enough to be in fourth place, behind Juke.38. Brown has struggled to learn a quad for the past decade. If he had made a clean triple instead of falling into the quad salcho he would have advanced more than the chow.

Luckily for Brown, it’s okay to come to the Olympics anytime. According to Olympedia.org, he is the first American male singles skater to go eight years between two Olympics.

“A lot, a lot of tears,” Brown said more than an hour after learning of the team’s formation. “Slowly it sinks.”

He was diligent not only after missing the 2018 team, but also during the challenging week. He did not return to Nashville until Friday after a 33-hour journey from Toronto to five canceled flights, including a night in Atlanta and taxi driving.

Then on Sunday morning, Brown’s coach Tracy Wilson A positive test for the corona virus was performed in a pre-planned test before the event protocol. Wilson said she was fine. Brown tested negative on Sunday morning.

The rest of the U.S. Olympic team is named this weekend – Maria Bell, Karen Sen. And Alyssa Liu, Pair teams Alexa Kinrim And Brandon Frasier And Ashley Cain-Griffle And Timothy Ledak And ice dance couple Madison Sock And Evan Bates, Madison Hubble And Zachary Donohue And Caitlin Hawaii And Jean-Luc Baker.

The United States can win five medals with the best shots in a group event behind Sen, Zack and Bates or Hubble and Donohue and favorite Russia.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post misreported the point difference between Malin and Cho and Brown. It was over 10 points, not over 20.

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