April 13, 2024

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Need for new submarines for the Navy, French, German, Swedish, whatever!

Need for new submarines for the Navy, French, German, Swedish, whatever!

The idea for our article today came after news that the Netherlands will buy new submarines from France, from the naval group. The company, which we know in Greece through its frigates, has extensive experience in specific constructions. After all, “thanks” to the Barracuda-type submarines, which Australia rejected, we were able to purchase frigates for foreign direct investment!

Officially: The Netherlands acquires French Blacksword submarines at a cost…

Here we make a political and defense observation: French dissatisfaction with the Greek intention – in a long-term program that has certainly not yet reached its end – is beginning to emerge, to build American frigates of the FFG-62 Constellation class. At Eleusis. This dissatisfaction may also have something to do with the fact that 8 MEPs from Macron's party recently passed a resolution condemning Greece in the European Parliament, regarding the rule of law in our country.

So one idea is to work with the French to replace the five aging Type 209/1200 and 209/1100 submarines.. For our old friends, we will remind you that once FLIGHT proposed, if not expected, the “rehabilitation” of the French, due to the first rejection of the Belh@rra aircraft, with Rafale. Oops, it happened!

Optional: Instead of purchasing two Belh@rra aircraft for the Navy, would a squadron of Rafale fighters be more useful to the Palestinian Authority?

After all, France manufactures first-class submarines, while the first of these ships purchased by the Greek Navy in 1912 were French-built, which is historic. Dolphin And swordfish, From Schneider shipyards. So the recent news of the purchase of 4 conventionally propulsion Barracuda submarines from the Netherlands, albeit at a reduced price, estimated at more than a billion to one, It shows they are still resilient in the face of strong German and Swedish competition.

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For many, of course, it makes sense to return to German submarines, which are a development of the 214HN or something higher. We think this would be a mistake, because the permanent “inflexibility” of the Germans has led to the “de-Germanization” of our PN. On the contrary, the French showed the necessary will, exerted political pressure, pressured behind the scenes, and were able to achieve the sale of 3 foreign direct investments in PN. It makes sense, then, that the same should be done when purchasing a submarine.

Another idea would be to launch a competitive process, without direct awarding, which would be problematic in terms of style, since the European market has many submarine designs on offer that are among the best in the world. Either Germany, with the Type 212, 214 and 218 (related designs), or Italy with the 212 NFS (based on the German equivalent), or France with the Scorpene and Barracuda, or Spain with the S-80, or Sweden with the A26s, they have all managed to make progress Big on this particular technology using batteries/diesel engines/as well as anaerobic propulsion system.

German type 212CD

However, as we have written many times, rapid activation of the submarine procurement process is essential. There is no doubt that the rest in the Greek fleet 209/1100 and 209/1200 They continued to dive only thanks to the amazing skills of their crews. People who conserve with what they have, boats that are close to 50 years old, that is, also quite old and damaged due to heavy use. In fact, a few years ago, most of them were “within range” of half the Turkish fleet. Clearly, these people deserve a much better weapon system, which also provides them with the necessary security.

Why do we need to order subs…yesterday, or the day before if possible

The inevitability of necessity is also burdened by the following: Submarines cost a lot, as we can see from the latest orders at international level, and also require a lot of construction time. It is a mistake to think that a shipyard will be found that will build a submarine in 3 years, as this can be done for a frigate. So each procurement program has a long “maturity” and cannot be implemented immediately.

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And of course, let us repeat for the umpteenth time that Turkey… is racing in its own submarine program, Upgrade 8 Type 209 submarines, build 6 new Type 214 submarines, and even design a “national submarine”! In a few years, we may find ourselves facing a 3 to 1 ratio of submarines, which will harm us. Worse still, if a “Turkish” one is also produced, either medium-sized or small, weighing 500 tons, which is what it also announced.

Türkiye: Upgrading 4 more Type 209 submarines – opening the “rift” with Greece

It would be wrong to say that the National Front has forgotten this specific need. In fact, former aide-general Stylianos Petrakis was the first to formally address the issue, and also spoke of the “second hand”. The truth is that PN has inspected almost every used vehicle worth inspecting. The problem is that they either don't sell, or they do but are expensive. If it is found “cheap”, it means that its condition is worse than that of ancient Greek 209/1100 and 209/1200. So we come back again to the need for new construction.

Development: AGEN raised the issue of purchasing used submarines

Regarding the economic issue now, which is crucial:

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