April 18, 2024

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New mum dies of cocaine on her first walk after giving birth to her baby

New mum dies of cocaine on her first walk after giving birth to her baby

The new mother didn’t enjoy her baby because she died after an overdose Cocaine. The fatal accident occurred during her first outing after the birth of her child.

23 years Becky Tolan She died at home in Lanarkshire, Scotland, on 15 July 2019, after a party attended by her sister-in-law and two men she met at a local pub.

The two men – 40 and 34 – are charged with negligent homicide after they allegedly supplied Tolan with the drug that led to her death.

The trial of the two men began on Wednesday, with Tolan’s sister-in-law Pamela speaking in court and recounting what tragically happened.

“Becky is starting to shiver,” emotional Pamela told the court, according to the Mirror. “I thought it was cold from the start. So I said ‘What’s wrong with her?’ I was yelling: Becky, Becky.”

Pamela explained that she and Tolan went out to a bar on the night of July 14, and the new mom was excited about her first outing since giving birth to her baby just weeks ago.

The two girls were sitting at a table when two drinks arrived, which the defendants allegedly treated.

Then the two women went to talk to the two men and soon they started drinking with them. Pamela told the court that Tolan then asked the men if they had “things”.

“I knew exactly what he meant… He was asking if they had cocaine,” announced that it was destroyed.

One of the men allegedly brought a “bag” of drugs before Tolan disappeared into the bathroom to retrieve it. The group later went to a house in the area, where the new mother allegedly took more cocaine.

“Becky wasn’t listening at all. No matter what I told her, she wouldn’t listen,” said Pamela. “I told her, ‘You don’t need it…You’re having a good time.’ I told her to stop because she doesn’t need it.”


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