July 13, 2024

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NEW PHILADELPHIA: Police have identified Greek thugs – who participated in the incidents

NEW PHILADELPHIA: Police have identified Greek thugs – who participated in the incidents

In the next few hours, new warrants will arrive for the Greek thugs

Ten new faces have been added to authorities’ investigation into the deadly shootings that claimed the life of 29-year-old Michalis Katsoris in New Philadelphia.

Officials who examined the video footage held by ELAS were able to identify ten people.

ALPHA reports that within the next few hours, new warrants will be issued against the Greek thugs who helped the Croats in the murderous attack outside the OPAP arena.

At the same time, other Croatian hooligans are also being sought and it is hoped that their details will soon be identified, especially the man who attacks Michalis with a stick in several videos.

New changes are coming

At the same time, MEGA reports, ELAS’s Internal Affairs Department continues its investigations to hold officials responsible for planning ELAS’ operational fiasco in New Philadelphia.

“Very soon we will have more accountability”

Conducted by SKAI, the Minister of Civil Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, reiterated that “from the first moment we said there were failures and mishandlings” in the case of the Croats, “we did not hide them under the carpet”.

Regarding the attribution of responsibility, he said, “We decide to improve with justice and determination”, although he emphasized that “we will not allow the Greek police to be discredited”. He outlined that there was a chain of wrongdoing at several levels, adding that responsibilities would continue to be assigned and that it would happen soon.

Regarding the investigations into the killer of Michalis Katsouris, he said, “It’s ongoing, it’s not an easy task, and we’re waiting for what the confiscated mobile phones, DNA analysis and exhibits will show.”

He said everything that needs to be done will be done. He asked everyone to exercise restraint as the case is ongoing, it needs time and wait for official announcements.

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