June 21, 2024

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NEW PHILADELPHIA: ‘Tall, stocky, neck-tattooed’ killer of Michalis

NEW PHILADELPHIA: ‘Tall, stocky, neck-tattooed’ killer of Michalis

Authorities describe him as a tall, tall man with covered features and tattoos on his neck.

Authorities are getting closer to identifying the killer of Michalis Katsoris as they appear to have a new element on their hands.

From the videos of the fateful night of bloody events in New Philadelphia, a frame has been isolated, which shows the image of the perpetrator of the gruesome murder tattooed on his neck.

The design is unclear and many of the defendants have tattoos on their necks. The authorities’ only hope is to identify the culprit from DNA comparison results.

The officers have the characteristics of a first-time offender: tall, stocky, with closed features. The responsibility falls on 5-6 people who are considered prime suspects.

DNA analysis

The video shows a hand moving parallel to the victim’s left arm, and the moment it touches is judged to be the moment of the attack. However, the image is blurry and authorities are unable to remove it.

The process of identifying DNA and genetic material and bloodstains, which began yesterday Monday, is not expected to be easy as there have been changes from those who rushed to help Michalis Katsori.

The documents that have come to light so far clearly show the movements of a 29-year-old man who took his own life after being attacked with a sharp object and trying to escape. Footage and videos show him taking off his helmet, putting his hand on it, going to the stand to hide behind an ice cream cooler and collapsing within minutes. The footage also shows the moment he is hit with a bat.

We are expected to get the first results soon, at least for those considered to have a fraught past. This process is common, however, since we do not know if the killer is among those arrested, it is not certain that it will lead to the perpetrator of the murder, and the Croatians who have not yet been arrested limit the opportunities. . That is why mobile phone antennas are activated to identify others under attack.

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