October 4, 2023

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New Philadelphia: Hooligans’ Cell Phones “Talk” – Shocking Descriptions by Police Officers

New Philadelphia: Hooligans’ Cell Phones “Talk” – Shocking Descriptions by Police Officers

Emphasis is placed on the analysis of DNA samples, evidence from mobile phones of captured Croatian gangsters and videos from security cameras.

According to reports, data processing has already started from some mobile phones, while documents reveal the same Itinerary Croatian fan by search history in GPS app Google MapsSpecific addresses are shown in Ampelokipos and Marousi, according to SKAI, the last search in history concerns the Irini station.

Croats are thugs with a military organization

At the same time, that film Police officers When they arrived in New Philadelphia, hooligan activity was already in full swing there, they recount Deposit Police officers at the scene.

with Military organization Under the orders of two “strategists” who lead them, lining them up and almost crowding them, the attack battalion of Dinamo Zagreb thugs worked, recorded in a new video – a document that authorities have in their hands.

What he describes is significant police officer In his testimony, according to ERT: “At 11:50 p.m., when we arrived at Risopoli Stadium from the Antione side, we saw about fifty two-wheelers with two passengers each, about thirty meters away from us. . As soon as they noticed us, they turned their vehicles and “They fled in the direction of Chalkidos Street,” he says.

according to what Police officers testify Follow along Manhunt In her area Rhizopolis. “We divided into two groups, like a platoon, and I, with the second group, made the usual movement towards the people on Antheon Street, in the same direction towards Chalkitos Street. In the dirt park situated at the junction of Antheon and Amasiou Streets, we caught three men on foot, and as soon as we reached the height where they were , fell to the ground where we immobilized them,” says another.

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Roughly 150 people According to the testimony of another person from the Directorate of Law Enforcement, he was confronted by another police officer after the incidents. “At 11:35 p.m., we saw a group of about 150 people, dressed in dark clothes, moving towards Ariovarzano Street at the intersection of Propona and Ariovarzano Street. Other policemen followed the aforementioned persons and informed us that they were involved in the incidents and fled,” another police official said. refers to

“Blind” spots of a fatal intersection

Meanwhile, footage of the videos coming to the public shows some “blind spots” in New Philadelphia’s grove, away from the cameras, where incidents between fans of AEK and Dinamo Zagreb begin. At this point, authorities believe Michalis Katsouris was fatally shot.

Another shot shows Croatians at the “Irini” station at 22:42.

CNN Greece Disclosure: This is a report of video content related to Michalis’ murder

A very important part of the investigation into the murder of the 29-year-old Michalis Katsouri from hooligan Also, analysis of the video from the security perimeter of the kiosk brings to light the victim collapsing and some people trying to help him after the murderous stabbing. CNN Greece.

Police officers describe every detail in the case report aAnalysis of video content with absolute timingswith Dress description But rightly so The person in the booth Both the victim and those who tried to help him.

The video content begins at 23:08:07 and is detailed up to the moment when the 29-year-old is established as dead.

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Also, analysis of video content from security cameras around AEK Stadium New Philadelphia At 23:08:01 AEK fans, including the victim, were chased by rival fans and Michalis received a murderous blow from one of them.

Also, in the report of the video content, the authorities say that from the material they have, no starting point of the clashes between the opposing teams where the 29-year-old was injured was recorded.

Detailed video material exhibition