October 4, 2023

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NEW PHILADELPHIA-Kalliakmanis: “Mihalis’ killer did not come to war with him”

NEW PHILADELPHIA-Kalliakmanis: “Mihalis’ killer did not come to war with him”

Michalis Katsori’s killer, according to police estimates, did not come before hand-to-hand combat with him.

As Giorgos Kalliakmanis said, “During the confrontation, we can see from the cameras that some people approach and beat the murdered Michalis. We are trying to see from close points, but it is very difficult. It seems that the person who threw the knife did not fight hand-to-hand with Michalis.”

At the same time, the Union Police officer added, “Telephones play a very big role. But we only have points. Conversations cannot be retrieved, but you can see who was talking to whom and where they were at that time. Cameras showed him being beaten (ss: Katsouri). We try from places to see who was approached.

Commenting on the blunders of the police, he said, “He admitted that there were tragic mistakes. EL.AS was an efficient system but it was misguided by people who made mistakes, that’s why EDE and many cartomizations exist”.

“It will take days to identify the culprits”

Besides, Stavros Georgopoulos, the lawyer of the brother of 29-year-old Michalis Katsouris, who spoke to ERT, expressed hope that “it will take a few days to identify the criminals and their accomplices.”

Talking about the ongoing investigation process, he recalled that the maximum limit of remand is 18 months. “The court judges will not have time to hear the case within the limits of remand for more than 6 months,” he noted, adding that this is typical of justice. There is no time to hear a case when there are many defendants, and they are also foreigners, which translates all the documents.

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