June 26, 2024

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Theft in the Electoral Office of the Ministry of Interior – Notifications and Strong Reactions Theft in the Electoral Office of the Ministry of Interior

Theft in the Electoral Office of the Ministry of Interior – Notifications and Strong Reactions Theft in the Electoral Office of the Ministry of Interior

The reactions of the parties were triggered by an announcement of theft reported to the police authorities by the Director of Elections of the Central Service of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Notifications from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Communications regarding the incident.

Complaint of theft At the police station last night By Director of Elections, Central Service, Ministry of Home AffairsIt is located in the third floor offices at 2 Evangelistrias Street in the center of Athens.

Friday (26/04) between 2:20 pm and 2:10 pm (i.e. 30 minutes) According to the manager who was in the main building of the Ministry on Stadium Street, there was no one else in the office, the theft, informed by his female colleague. Then it was found that the lock of his office door had been broken. He told authorities he did not know if anything had been removed from inside the office, while he testified that office computers contained important public documents that he feared had not been copied or altered. Police went to the spot and searched for fingerprints.

Fire from the opposition

As expected, the issue provoked political reactions: announcements by SYRIZA, PASOK, Hellenic Solution, among others, indicate that the government has not yet disclosed what was stolen and whether personal data was misused. It demonstrates the absence of basic reliability and security measures by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

His announcement is detailed SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance About the incident: “Hours have now passed since in.gr's exclusive disclosure of the theft at the Ministry of Interior. The government is yet to reveal exactly what was stolen and whether personal information was misused. We are waiting».

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For her part, the secretary of her parliamentary committee, Evangelia Liakolis PASOK – Movement for Change And the head of the KTE interior, points out: “The robbery at the office of the head of the Elections Directorate of the Ministry of Home Affairs once again demonstrates the lack of basic credibility, seriousness and security measures in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

An institution at the heart of the state, responsible for conducting elections and drawing up voter lists, has been the target of attacks with unknown motives. The risks created for the conduct of the electoral process, as well as the compilation and confidentiality of voter lists and sensitive personal data of citizens, are enormous. At a time when citizens' trust in the state cannot be shaken, we continue to experience the massive scandal of leaking private emails of our own countrymen living abroad. Greek citizens who trusted the Greek government registered on the relevant platforms to vote, but the government made sure to “share” their personal data with MEPs and New Democracy's candidate MEPs. Yesterday's announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs acknowledges responsibility for handing over the Internal Audit Unit's findings to the Department of Justice, applying disciplinary controls and strengthening personal data protection measures. A responsibility that falls squarely on the political leadership of the Ministry of Interior, from the moment the case was revealed, tried to downplay the truth and sway public opinion. Hence the Ministry of Home Affairs is a “ripe flag”.»

from Press office of the KKE The following notice was issued: “The government should immediately brief the Home Office on the breach revealed in the media reports and tell them exactly what happened, whether documents and records were stolen and whether the case is actually related to the email leak and ongoing investigations. However, such a grave incident was reported by the media and not by the responsible ministry. The incident reaffirms the lack of basic security measures in ministry services that are actually linked to citizens' personal data and electoral conduct. Given the government's political responsibilities, no matter how many discoveries are made to cover up the case. The need to convene Parliament's Institutions and Transparency Committee for Ms. Keramos to appear and explain becomes even more imperative after the new incident that came to light.».

Notification of Ministry of Home Affairs

The Press Office of the Ministry of Interior announces the following:

“In relation to the alleged theft in the Ministry of Interior, the following is mentioned:

Around noon on Friday, April 26, there was a complaint that the office of the Director of Elections located on Evangelical Road was broken into. The entrance to the particular building is guarded by a private security company and visitors are subject to an identity check upon entry.

The police were immediately called to investigate the facts. On the part of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the recommended protocols were implemented at the level of network security, electronic media and controls of the ministry's cyber security department, so far no evidence has emerged.

A Hellenic police investigation is ongoing.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has been working tirelessly to ensure flawless conduct of previous years elections in our country.


Meanwhile, the Hellenic Police Headquarters issued an announcement regarding a complaint made to the Acropolis Security Department about a theft at the premises where the Directorate of Elections of the Ministry of Interior is located.

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The notification details:

«The Hellenic Police Headquarters has announced that the Athens Security Sub-Directorate is conducting a preliminary investigation into a complaint to the Acropolis Security Department of a theft at the premises of the Interior Ministry's Directorate of Elections. With the help of Directorate of Crime Investigation and Directorate of Electronic Crime. The head of the Athens Chief Prosecutor's Office has been informed of the case, while a further update on the results of the investigation will follow.».

It is to be noted that in connection with the Electronic Crime Prosecution, its investigators will examine whether there is any tampering with the computers and files of the Directorate of Elections.