December 6, 2023

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The “magic” that companies do to mislead the purported offers – what consumers complain about

The “magic” that companies do to mislead the purported offers – what consumers complain about

“Magic Image” refers to offers for products available on supermarket shelves. Consumers who have to deal with the burden of accurate “monsters” and family budgets must become “researchers” or “mathematicians” to calculate prices and determine whether offers are genuine or misleading.

By Evi Katsoli

As seen in the consumer complaint and his photos Enikos.Gr, Privileges are not… give and take They talk about cheating.

It is visible in the first photo A single package of a well-known brand of pasta costs 0.92 euros. It is available in major supermarket chains Offer “3+1 Gift”. It costs 3.96 euros. A rough calculation realizes that if one buys Excluding 4 single packs, the total price is 3.68 euros. That means he will spend less than the 3.96 euros of the offer. In this particular case, another “contradiction” is noticed: since the offer states “3+1 gift”, if one gift package is left out, the remaining three will cost 2.97 euros (3 X 0.99 euros). So basically Rewards are also collected And no concessions. On offer, if one calculates, each package costs 0.99 euros, while a single one costs 0.92 euros.

Another common case is a 1 kg flour packet It costs 1.29 euros with a 25% discount. The discounted price goes down to 1.29 euros from the original price of 1.72 euros. But, the package says -30 minutes, which is… not. Consumers don’t seem to notice that. The same flour as shown in the photo, Multipack is also sold in “2+1 Gift”.“, it is sold at a price of 3.23 euros. The original price is 4.04 euros and there is a 20% discount. If someone deducts 20% from 4 euros, the price is 3.23 euros. The discount the consumer receives is 0.27 euros per package and not a “2+1” gift as stated in the multipack.

“It’s a scam,” said the head of the Consumer Workers’ Union of Greece. Apostolos Routopoulos speaks Realfm 97.8 And his show Mano niflis. As he explained, if someone wants to, they can appeal to the judiciary, but such a move is expensive and takes a long time to resolve.

“What the Ministry of Development needs to do is to check the e-shop offerings of the supermarket chain and see what deception is being done there with simple mathematical operations,” said Mr. Routopoulos emphasized further.Απόστολος-Ραυτόπουλος-Νιφλή_ς.mp?