April 13, 2024

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New Zen 6 (Medusa) architecture Ryzen processors have ultra-fast 2.5D hyperlinking – AMD

New Zen 6 (Medusa) architecture Ryzen processors have ultra-fast 2.5D hyperlinking – AMD

AMD Ryzen processors with Zen 5 architecture may not have been released yet, but AMD It works so far In its next generation of processors.

According to the leaker Everst top On the

the Jellyfish In Greek mythology she was one of the three mermaids. Medusa was the only human of the three sisters (the other two being Stenos and Euryalis). Medusa's other name was Gorgo, which means wild-looking. According to Hesiod, she was the daughter of Phorseus and Cetus. In a later Roman version of the myth by Ovid, Medusa was a beautiful priestess of Athens who was raped by Poseidon – who was transformed into a horse – in the sanctuary of Athena. The goddess was enraged by this event, so she took out her anger on Medusa – because she did not want to be separated from Poseidon – and turned her into an ugly monster with snakes instead of hair. She was so ugly that anyone who looked at her face would turn to stone.


Returning to the main topic of this article, it seems that one of the reasons why AMD decided to give this name to the next generation processors is the multiple snakes on top of them, which perhaps refers to multiple cores or multiple MCD units.

user Everst top However, it seems he believes that Medusa processors will have an IOD and two CCDs just like current Ryzen processors. It also claims Zen 6 architecture processors They will use a 2.5D interface With a much higher bandwidth than the link used today, it will be built in a similar way to how RDNA 3 GPUs are built today.

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In the case of RDNA 3 GPUs, AMD has put a lot of effort into developing a high-speed interface between GCDs and MCDs (especially in the case of the Navi 31 GPU). This specific hyperlink, called “Infinity Links,” operates with about 10 times greater bandwidth than the link between the cIOD and CCDs in Ryzen and EPYC processors. AMD claims a bandwidth of up to 5.3TB/s for the Infinity Links interface.


Interconnect performance is not a limitation for Ryzen processors, but for EPYC processors, especially in heavy multi-threaded workloads, it likely will be.

We doubt that such a speed of 5.3 TB/s could be seen inside a Ryzen processor intended for the desktop market, but it will not be surprising to learn that the Zen 6 architecture cores in the “Medusa” processors feature a hyperlink that allows their high-speed communication with the I/O module Output and thus with the rest of the system.

We doubt there will be any verified leaks of Zen 6 until late this year or early next year, as it's not expected to debut until late 2025. Until then, we can't wait to see the next generation of Zen 5 architecture processors As it is said, AMD has begun to redesign the core compared to the previous generation.

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