March 4, 2024

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Next steps for a digital business card

Next steps for a digital business card
The following announcement was made by the press office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs:

From November 1, 2022, the digital inventory of working time began in the Ergani II information system, that is, the working hours of employees of all companies – employers in the private sector of the country for all their employees, with the approved labor employment contract.

In the course of this process, the employer announces to each employee the general elements of the employment relationship regarding working time, as well as working hours in numerical form, either fixed weekly or variable per day. The staff enumeration can be done incrementally (eg for each extension).

The digital counting of working time in the Ergani II information system should not be confused or identified with the digital job card mechanism.

implement its mechanism digital business cardthe next stage of the process will be f It will be implemented gradually, i.e. after the completion of the digital inventory of Ergani II’s working time For all employees with a dependent wage employment contract, As long as there is dialogue With both the employer and the employees and we will proceed, based on what has already been announced, step by step.


The second phase of the digital business card application relates first to insurance companies and security companies. And then it will be expanded to industry and DEKO.

Moreover, the remaining business activity categories, which the government has already spoken of, will be added gradually.

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However, as has been emphasized over and over again, The digital business card is applied after taking into account all the characteristics and operational needs of each branch And there will be those operational provisions that are required every time for smooth operation.

The General Secretariat of Labor Relations at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Undertakes the information initiative (by organizing workshops and/or seminars), in cooperation with social partners, chambers and professional bodies of the labor market, for a better and easier process of capturing and recording digital work time for all private sector employees. State sector in PS ERGANI II.

From the press office