May 18, 2024

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Neymar will pay Dani Alves' legal fees

Neymar will pay Dani Alves' legal fees

His friendship Dani Alves by Neymar He remembers the many years of their time together at Barcelona, ​​but also the Brazilian national team and the current Al Hilal star are determined to stand by his old colleague in his legal adventure.

Dani Alves was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison in this case rapeAccording to what was reported by Brazilian media, Neymar will pay all court costs, in addition to compensation of 150,000 euros given to the rape complainants.

As Brazilian newspaper UOL noted, Neymar and his family are also providing legal assistance to Dani Alves through Gustavo Sisto, one of Brazil's top lawyers. In addition to the 4.5 years in prison and the fine, Alves will not be able to have any contact with the 23-year-old for 9.5 years, and when he serves his prison sentence, he will be under the supervision of the Spaniards. authorities for five years.

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