April 19, 2024

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It has left some with…an appetite

It has left some with…an appetite

Yesterday, Olympiacos announced the renewal of its cooperation with Alec Peters, as the American striker signed a two-year cooperation contract with the Al-Minaa team.

It was undoubtedly big news for Al-Minaa, with Peters impressing with his presence in the Europa League this year (as well as the Premier League) making him a transfer target for several European teams.

Peters has driven people crazy with his performances in the major competition and helped Olympiacos immensely, so much so that he is now considered among the Europa League stars of the year.

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So there weren't a whole lot of teams waiting in the corner to see progress in the discussions between Olympiacos and Peters. There have already been reports linking Peters' name with 'hot' transfer targets ahead of the summer.

Many coaches dreamed of having an Olympiacos player on their roster.

But the 'Red and Whites' made sure to leave a mouthful, announcing their agreement for an additional two years with the 28-year-old striker.

When it became known last summer that Sasha Vezenkov would finally go to the NBA, accepting the offer of the Kings, many believed that Olympiacos would have an “unresolved” problem.

Perhaps because no one considered a “breakout” from Peters possible, but the American proved why Bartzukas chose him in the summer of 2022. Now everyone speaks admiringly about Peters’ performance, but it is also worth noting how much the team helps the player.

Because Olympiacos helped not only Peters, but several players to an impressive 'breakout', this, if nothing else, shows the way the organization works.

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See for example Walkup, Fall, McKissick, Larentzakis and Vezenkov above. These players have become (a lot) better in Coach Barzoka's hands and that is of course no coincidence.

So Peters renewed his contract and, as mentioned above, many have left their appetite and are now forced to look elsewhere to find a player with the characteristics of the American.

As for Kanaan, whose contract expires at the end of the season? The American goalkeeper's desire to continue with the Olympiacos shirt is a given. Peter said it and Canaan said it.

Everything is done on the basis of team continuity. Continuity is what provides stability on the ground, and this is something the “Red and White” coach knows better than anyone else.

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