April 19, 2024

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PAOK: “The punishment is unimaginable and suspicious”

PAOK: “The punishment is unimaginable and suspicious”

the Deep And the observer, Aristides Picos They are punished PAOK and closed Tomba on the occasion of the fireworks, as the “black and white” PAE took a stand and sent clear messages about the penalty in question.


It is unthinkable, arbitrary, arbitrary and suspicious to punish PAOK with a penalty kick behind closed doors in the first show of the qualifiers because of a firecracker that, according to the police report, was “exploded inside the stands”, a move that is not infernal on the basis of a new law.

The DEAB observer ignored the letter of the law stipulating the penalty for throwing firecrackers, but he also ignored the spirit of the law, as happened in the crowded Tomba match, in a very intense derby match and with a negative development for our team, and did not notice the slightest. So instead of encouraging exemplary behavior and cooperation between fans, we are punishing something that is not provided for by law, apparently to prove that the strange actions of the Deputy Sports Minister were not just a hole in the water.

Obviously, Mr. Vroutsis must know that the people to whom he gave superpowers are the same fans of the team, like Aristidis Pikos who was the DEAB observer in the aforementioned PAOK-Olympiacos match and a simple walk on social media is enough for every ignorant person. To understand, because he is exhausting his margin of power against PAOK. Everyone must realize the following: We are engaged in a tremendous struggle for the world to be our ally in efforts against violence, and we have succeeded in that.

Our fans showed a tremendous amount of self-restraint and endured the suffering so that the team was not punished. We try to eliminate even the subtlest movements that give the Bekus of this world the right to be deans at our backs. But we will not tolerate the state continuing to put obstacles in our way with irrationality and unequal decisions. We will immediately appeal the decision before the administrative courts and hope that common sense will prevail.

We once again call on our people to understand that we are struggling against everyone and to stand by our side and be the shield of the League.

Note: The Deputy Sports Minister has the easy task of proving himself better than his predecessor who – having failed to do so as Deputy Sports Minister – is now working to divide Greece in two by angering farmers. So far, Mr. Vrutzis seems unable to overcome even this low level.