April 13, 2024

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Napoli – Barcelona 1-1: Everything will be decided in Barcelona (video)

Napoli – Barcelona 1-1: Everything will be decided in Barcelona (video)

Napoli and Barcelona drew 1-1 before the second leg at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc (Tuesday 12/03, 22:00), where the ticket to the Champions League quarter-finals will be decided – Robert Lewandowski opens the match. Scoring Victor Osimhen answered.

Finally, among the blind, no one-eyed man appeared to reign. Naples Barcelona confirmed the competitive problems this year, and they tied 1-1 at the “Diego Armando Maradona” stadium, with qualification to the quarter-finals of the Champions League being decided in the return match at the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium (Tuesday 12). /03, 22:00).

In the first show, Francesco Calzona It first started in 2024 Victor OsimhenWho has missed so far due to injury, but also his participation in the African Cup of Nations with Nigeria.

by Andreas Christensen Constantly in the role of defensive midfielder o Xaviwhich he chose Gilles Codet To the right end of the defence, so that the Frenchman can (at least try) to limit his actions Her palm is like Varacilia.

Meret kept Napoli in front

The Blaugrana (in yellow tonight) were superior in the first half, and if not so Alex MerrittThey could have entered the locker room ahead, even with more than a goal difference.

With “Good Evening,” the final effort is very energetic, but imprecise Lamin Yamal He threatened with a diagonal shot, with the 16-year-old winger testing his reflexes shortly afterwards Merritt And the Pedri To delay the continuation of the phase to take advantage of the rebound.

The owners of the land were forced, due to effective pressure from the guests, to close their premises, with Merritt He shouted “present” again and stopped the score at 0-1 at his near post Robert LewandowskiAnd right after that… he flew to his window to take his “poison” shot. Ilkay Jintogan.

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After the first Catalan half-hour, the Partenopei slowly came out of their shell, but without creating any problems for the team. Marc-Andre ter Stegensince s Osimhen It was closed well by him Ronald Araujo And in her name Code to Kvarachilia There was always help.

One of you (Lewandowski) and one of me (Osimhen)

The Napoli team initially seemed more confident in the second half, but the matter was temporary, as after the first stages, the Catalan team took possession of the ball again, with… Jintojan To lay weakly in his arms Merritt And the Joan Jesus To walk away at the last minute in front of him LewandowskiAfter his cross Cancelo.

The Pole was not particularly felt, however, in the 60th minute, after his (excellent) vertical pass. PedriHe sent the ball deep into the Italian goal with a wonderful shot from inside the area, making the score 0-1, which was fair based on the general picture of the match.

It was Leyva's 31st goal in a Champions League knockout match (fourth in the relevant list), but also Barcelona's first in a knockout of the top club competition after… three years (!) and a goal Lionel Messi Against Paris Saint-Germain in March 2021.

the PedriWith a direct shot from outside the area, she almost surprised him Merrittby Long socks To surprise him and replace him (negativity is the truth) Kvarachiliawho left clearly upset.

Naples did not show any sense of danger, but S OsimhenBeside LewandowskiIt takes half a meter to make a difference. His vertical passes Andre Zambo Anguissaa pivotal move by the Nigerian, emptied him Inigo Martinez And he put it deep into the Catalan goal with a score of 1-1 (76').

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His goal OsimhenThe team, which was replaced shortly after, strengthened the hosts, who played their best minutes of the match and believed in the change, against a Barcelona team that seemed to have lost it, although it did not really threaten to score the second goal.

In the final, on the contrary, it was the visitors who got close to 2-1 when they shot a shot wide of the goal. Jintojan From the height of the big area it went wide of his goal Merritt.

Naples (Francesco Calzona): Meret – Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Juan Jesus, Oliveira – Anguissa, Lobotka, Kazost (68' Traore) – Politano (79' Raspadori), Osimhen (77' Simeone), Cvaracilia (68' Lindstrom).

Barcelona (Xavi): Ter Stegen – Cote, Araujo, Inigo Martinez, Joao Cancelo – Guidogan, Christensen (86' Romeu), De Jong – Yamal (80' Rafinha), Lewandowski, Pedri (86' Joao Felix).