April 13, 2024

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Pius: “I'm tired, I'll give the team for free to a serious businessman”

Pius: “I'm tired, I'll give the team for free to a serious businessman”

Achilleas Pius announced, through a post on his personal Facebook account, his decision to leave the Volos team at the end of the current season.

The main shareholder of the Magnesia team spoke about his decision to leave and revealed the statement that Todoris Zagorakis said to him.

Achilleas Pius told Metropolis Radio in detail:

First, regarding his decision not to continue at NPS Volos: “My declaration is clear, I don't know how many times I have said on your program that I want to leave football. In 2017, I envisioned a city that we wanted to become Monaco, and now Monaco wants to become Volos, and with my city I wanted Create a team that will unite Volos.

The team started from the third national team and reached the qualifiers, and put on a nice show, except for this year's season, which is what happens in football. After 3 months of closed stadiums, the stadium was empty, no one came to the stadium and they were in our famous Tsiporadikas, since they did not want something uniform, let's see Olympiacos Volos in Amateur and Niki in B and C National. “I'm giving the team for free to a serious businessman and not to any bookmaker. I don't want to. I'm tired.”

Regarding the status of succession in the group:

“Atjon came to Greece, we talked, but the reason he told me why he did not want to participate did not convince me.”

About football and whether he will stay out of it:

“I won't cross from the outside either, I hope the cascading situation at the EPO headquarters knows how to manage it and not be puppets. Don't be like my friend Theodoris Zagorakis, whom I told what was going to happen and 5 months later he called me and said ‘Hey, how right you were.’” Makis “He knows how to manage football. The fact is that it is PAOK's turn to choose the president, and that in itself makes you worry about Greek football.”

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As for the Greek Cup final and the possible stadium for Panthesalikos:

“We spoke to Baltakos and Filipposi, I can put 20,000 people without opening their noses, but they won't let me because the police want to drive. I want to host the final but without my city becoming a battlefield. If there is a final between PAOK and Aris, let them play it in Kaftatsoglio. “Take 1,000 invitations to the teams, sponsors and EPO and give me 15,000 tickets at my own risk for the football academies, high schools and sixth form from each school accompanied by the respective teacher,” I told Baltakos.

On government measures to combat violence:

“I will say that the measures taken by the government are dramatic and not substantive. No one breaks eggs to make an omelette.”

Regarding the case of Andreas Tite:

“I did not call Titi a 'monkey', the word 'monkey' is not a racist expression in any dictionary, I said it in the third person. To make a racist attack you have to be a racist, I am not a racist, I grew up abroad and all those who attack Beo are for their own benefit.” They are racist. There is freedom of expression. A gay person can express his opinion, but I cannot? It is everyone's personal opinion. Why do you call me an anti-gay man? Did you monopolize him in the morning?