December 3, 2022

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Olympiacos, the national team, the World Cup, and the lion meeting

Kostas Manolas spoke on the premiere of SPORT24’s new programme, “Mundial Morning Show”, with Andrea Palomparini, Ilias Kalunas and Maria Kouvilis and it was revealing. What did he say about Gustavo Pouillet and the national team, about the Olympic season. Commenting on his meeting with Assad during his presentation in Sharjah.

A few hours before the premiere of the World Cup “Global Morning ShowWith Andrea Pallobarini, Ilias Kalunas and Maria Kouvilis crossed in Offers From SPORT24.

The guest at the premiere was Kostas Manolas who talked about it National Group and Gustavo Boyer, Ch-Olympicthe World Cup player and the lion he met during his presentation in Sharjah.

At first, it was mentioned In Sharjah and what he encountered there: “I met a very well organized team. The working conditions are very good. We have a competitive team that will challenge for this year’s championship. We have already won the President’s Cup and it is one of the most important titles here. Everything is fine. I hope things continue to be so.”

On the favorites to win the World Cup and the team that wants to win the title: “I think the first candidate is Brazil. Argentina definitely have the best footballers, but I also believe in Portugal. I would like Portugal to win the title because our former federal coach is a coach there with whom we had great successes and I hope he gets it.”

On what a footballer feels like when he’s competing in a World Cup and what it takes to stand out: “Obviously in 2014 I still think we were unlucky against Costa Rica. We were better throughout the game but it just didn’t go our way. We could have pulled off a big upset.

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A football player, when he enters the field and plays for his country, must always give his best, because such an event does not come to you every day. Unfortunately, since then our national team has not been able to compete in a major competition.

We hope to be there in the next Euros or World Cup. I was lucky, I played in this big event and we did really well. It’s one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in football.”

For the Naples course: “I expected them to do well because wherever Spalletti has been he has had good results. He is a good coach. They also have a good manager who does all the team planning. I hope everything goes well and they win the championship.”

On his move to Olympiacos and if he missed Greece: “I made a big decision to leave Ligue 1 even though I could still be there. I did it with all my heart because I wanted to come back and play for my favorite team. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way I wanted. In the first season I had a serious injury and I wasn’t As I should have been this season my stay was good even though we didn’t manage to go to the Champions League which is our goal.

Things didn’t turn out as I had hoped because I wanted to finish my career at Olympiacos. I don’t want to point out the reasons why I changed teams. I’m happy here. We have one of the best teams in the league and I found a good coach and a good coaching staff in general. In football, you never know what can happen, we’ll see.”

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For the national team: “At the moment I am in Sharjah. If the coach wants to help him at some point. I think at the moment the national team does not need me. If he needs my help I will give him the approval because I feel good. And I can offer”

About the lion incident in his presentation: “I’ve never been around a lion before. I think anyone would have freaked out. You never know how an animal would react. Especially when you’re talking about a lion that you can’t handle very well with anything. It really was a beast.”

Concluding the interview, Kostas Manolas said: “After a while, I’m fine. Thank God, I’m fine after a long time. I had a tough season last year. There were five months where I just couldn’t be myself.”

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