March 4, 2024

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Nikos Kouklonis: Shady companies, the “ghost” of express airline tickets and key people

Nikos Kouklonis: Shady companies, the “ghost” of express airline tickets and key people

It has been posted before Real news What the Authority has concluded Money laundering For the activities of the presenter and producer, Nikos Koukloni. In it, he stated that they exist At least 24 companies in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Panama and the USA where he appeared as administrator, founder and beneficial owner, director, secretary, or treasurer.

As the newspaper writes, these are companies for her.suspicious activity“The Chairman of the Board, Charalambos Vourliotis He has already referred the outcome to the financial prosecutor, Christos Bardakis, for his actions.

The same companies entered in Microscope for review services and other countries. For some of these foreign companies, the relevant authorities started there Their e-mail addresses and activity are interruptedas they proceeded financial fraudsuch as illegal financial products pyramid type (“Ponzi scheme), according to the publication.

Others are alleged to be in accomplices of Nikos Kouklonis Seven peopleincluding one Lawyer and accountant and one detained Today in prisons Korydallos of Albanian origin.

In particular, for Greek companies, the result reads: “In three of them the director is absent, in the fourth ‘front’ is an accountant… and there are two more ‘shame’ companies that have The parent company is abroad And two more Money laundering companieswhich, through the procedure they provide from the banking transactions they carry out, launder money from the illegal activities of Nikolaos Kouklonis and other unknown persons…”.

The discovery added that these companies worked with a well-known presenter and producer of many television programs to move forward with this Heaps of insults. Nikolaos Kouklonis founded this circle of companies in Greece with the clear objective of Misuse of Greek state funds And yes Money launders of the illegitimate activities of the same And other unidentified persons in foreign countriesRefers to the authority’s conclusion regarding leaching.

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“Ghost” express airline tickets

The authority’s auditors also found that activity by foreign companies, through the global financial system, is intense, as they appear to report Millions of euros and dollars from a company in one country to a company in another Then to a company from a third and fourth country, with the express aim of losing traces of the illegal source of funds. And in fact, when from 2015 to 2021 the famous presenter showed little income from his paid work and had no real or movable property in his name.

Also, two active branches are found in the USA Express airline ticketsfor the company that was just a few years ago He declared bankruptcy, leaving behind a fortune of $100 million.

Identified the body Transfer of 1.3 million euros that appears to be “traveling” from an account of American Air Fast Tickets to that of the Bulgarian company AMPHION EFTHYMIA LTD Cocloni’s interests and from there the money ends up in his bank accounts in Greece and Turkey on the basis of a bargain.invoice». According to the conclusion, this money comes from $100 million that auditors believe actually went into his own “pocket” …

ghost face

As Real News notes, regarding 13 of the 24 companies that appear to be based in Greece started operations from 2015 to 2021.with a tax official or representative at first in some of them a man with the initials KG After that, Nikos Kouklonis seems to take charge, who in a short time transfers the management to one A non-existent normal person, Meta Armado. This face is basically created by usage Fake passport detailsbut also a single image existing natural personwhich Kouklonis knew, as he worked for 2012 to 2014 on Air Fast Tickets.

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With this fake passport o Meta Armando took over Tax registration number in July 2017 and three days later it was identified as Company Director By Nikos Kouklonis.

It seems, in fact, that I also got a bank account after wrong information It is shown in the form co-owner to Bank accounts to comp in which he participated.

“The establishment of companies, their functioning and the history of change in the positions of managers is very orderly and systematic. All debts and all illegal transactions of companies are basically done after taking over the management by a non-existent Meta Armado and the first employee of the accountant, to bear the individual and joint criminal responsibility. In other words, using this method , Koklonis, in cooperation with lawyer KK and the rest obtained illegal benefits defrauding the Greek statewhere he received an amount €2,325,000 through VAT refunds from transactions with virtual companies Who, received the amount of €610,483 through income tax refund from a shell company, which never paid the taxes, and created a debt of at least €10,360,000 with his shell companies, which will never be paid to the Greek state and is related to tax evasion of overdue debts for a tax Income, Value Added Tax and Payroll Tax,” stated in the Authority’s findings on money laundering.

in total amount The loss of the Greek state is calculated that exceeds 22 million euros, Since the auditors also attribute to Nikos Kouklonis that he “claimed and succeeded in financing his newly formed company from Greece and European Funds, knowingly declaring that they are affiliated with the company’s backed institutions, shell companies and shell companies and presenting them among themselves Documents supporting the false advertisement of the company’s director. That is, Koklonis, by committing clear fraud and systematic false acts, committed the crime of fraud against the Greek state and the financial interests of the European Union, benefiting from the financing of the company with A total amount of 9,935,000 euros».

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What did Kouklonis respond to the accusations of the authorities

And the presenter himself had responded to what had been seen since last week’s appearance, indicating that he had been active professionally over the past twenty years in more than seven countries, developing commercial activities in various sectors. “My professional activity, as well as my business, have been repeatedly scrutinized all over the world, without ever being charged with anything illegal,” Nikos Koukloni said.

At the same time, sources from his company reported Barking Well MediaThey reported that, after the initial surprise and disquiet among the workers, the whole thing continued.As if nothing had happened.

“When we saw the reports and what was likely to be found in the discovery, we were shocked and froze. But this was overcome very quickly. We have assurances that none of the workers will be dismissed from the company and that there will not be the slightest problem with our payment. Yes, We received our February payroll earlier than expectedsources from Barking Well Media say.

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