June 23, 2024

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No more donkeys on the metro and buses – this will stop entry without a ticket

No more donkeys on the metro and buses – this will stop entry without a ticket

As fare evasion continues in MMMs, public transport management agencies are looking for ways to combat this phenomenon.

Frantic are the efforts made every day by the agencies that supervise their work Move blocks to Dealing with ticket evasion -A phenomenon that deprives them of a significant income that could be allocated to them Improving the services provided.

Their efforts are usually focused mainly on Strengthen controls For not having a ticket, as in Place appropriate bars At entry gates to prevent illegal crossing.

However, these are measures that, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority Ha New York (MTA), which runs the city’s subway, buses and commuter rail lines, is not achieving the desired results, and therefore it has been decided to adopt Different approach: The MTA will strive to Changing passenger behavior For this purpose you will hire a consultant who will have to create strategies to convince customers to “cut” the ticket.

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In this context, they will be appointed Scientists Which specializes in Human behavior Kayla Schultz, an MTA spokeswoman, said she will have the role of explaining to the traveling public the importance of getting a ticket.

The reasons why a large portion of the traveling public do not pay the ticket are basically the following:

  • They don’t understand why the MTA needs ticket revenue too
  • They cannot afford the cost or
  • They find the emergency door open and use it
  • Because of political beliefs

So the goal of scientists is Changing the way the traveling public thinks, So that some of the behaviors mentioned above disappear.

Greek approach

It is noted that Ticket evasion problem It also worries her greatly Stop Which had announced months ago the measures it had taken to combat the phenomenon.

In 2023, the number of fare checks increased: In particular, 3,676,391 examinations were conducted in 2023 (81,451 confirmed violations), compared to 1,348,003 examinations in 2022 (52,188 confirmed violations), and 2,215,665 examinations in 2019 (63,037 confirmed violations).

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Athens Metro

alsoThe number of employees increased In the auditors’ body, there are 45 employees, the number today is 122 employees, and in 2024, new appointments are scheduled, in order to intensify audit operations.

Also, as of November 2023, they have been installed in central metro stations. Special teams to prevent illegal passage of passengers From the gates. These teams provide support to controllers and operate in front of ticket verification machines to prevent passengers intending to travel without a ticket.

Finally, to combat the phenomenon of multiple hybridization (waste), it was completed Script tests Which aims to regulate the standards of gate operation, waiting time and crossing, in addition to taking into account internationally recognized rules for the safe passage of passengers.

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