June 13, 2024

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No more scratches from the car – Toyota’s new patent changes the realities

No more scratches from the car – Toyota’s new patent changes the realities

The ultimate scratch solution seems to have been found by Toyota, which has already applied for a patent.

Single car purchase difficult economic situation Every home has an average, especially at a time when new car prices are skyrocketing.

Therefore, given the financial sacrifice required to acquire a vehicle, every buyer takes care of their new vehicle like … their own eyes and He tries to keep it in perfect condition.

However, the urban jungle hides unpleasant “surprises” that it may cause A blow to the driver’s psyche. Many times, in fact, one is enough scratching, Which can happen in different ways – like contact with a tree branch, malicious action, and so on.

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No more scratches In the body of the car you wish to put Toyota Through an innovative method for which he has already applied for a patent.

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According to a Toyota document, the The outer layer of car body paint will be able to… Give way to a fresh, flawless coat of paint.

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This technology is designed to be used in SUV to kept “fresh” For a longer period of time, especially after driving it on bumpy roads and rough terrain.

The patent describes the painting method in detail: first the first layer is applied, and primer Followed by a coat of body color paint.

The aforementioned procedure does not have to spell anything new, as it is already being applied by car manufacturers. What makes Toyota’s idea innovative is the fact that it is After the first coat of paint a vinyl film is applied It is highly malleable and flammable, and thus, if scratched, can be easily removed (that is, by a process such as peeling), making way for a fresh, clean coat of paint.

Toyota patent scratches

Toyota, in fact, can implement sequencing of “peelable” films and coatings, Provide additional layers of protection for the car’s paint. In particular, between each layer of paint there will be a peelable film that can be easily removed if hit.

With this particular technology, the Japanese company wants to give up a Flawless appearance In its cars, which – among other things – will include its A-models Good resale value.

This means that if the car for sale has some scratches, its owner will be able to… peel off the scratched surfaces on the bodywork, Gives your car a new look.

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