June 16, 2024

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Nuclear “yachts” Solovyov: “If we lose in Ukraine, we will take the whole world with us” – calls on Putin to “push the button”

Nuclear “yachts” Solovyov: “If we lose in Ukraine, we will take the whole world with us” – calls on Putin to “push the button”

“We have to start acknowledging that this is not just a private military operation, this is a war – if we lose this war, we will go.”

Vladimir Solovyov, the preacher in the Kremlin, called for “Armageddon” again In his TV show, he discusses the consequences of Russia’s defeat in Ukraine.

In a quote from his evening program on Russia 1, which was posted on Twitter by Russian journalist and analyst Julia Davies, Solovyov listened to his guest, Karen Shakhnazarov, the film director, talk about how the war is now “a matter of destroying us.” Shakhnazarov asked whether the Russian people fully understood the “graveness of the threat” posed by the outcome of the war and that the conflict was “more complex and dangerous” than World War II.

He also described how modern Russian society was not what it was in 1941 when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union because there was no unifying ideology. In his view, modern Russians have grown up consuming American culture, and he has said so There were internal divisions in the country and a shortage of young men, which meant that the elderly served on the front lines.

the war “He’s killing us.”Shakhnazarov said, Our political elites must realize this. We must begin to recognize that this is not just a private military operation, but a war. If we lose this war, we will disappear like some Native American tribes have simply disappeared.” He went on to say that the defeat of Moscow’s forces in Ukraine would lead to books being written about it How Russia Lost Itself And Eurasia.

Solovyov said he hoped Ukraine would understand that “If we lose, we will take the whole world with us.” “Let me remind you of what the Commander-in-Chief said, who needs the world if Russia is not in it?”Solovyov said, referring to a quote from President Vladimir Putin.

He went on to say that Russia should do so To use its nuclear weapons, lift restrictions on testing and “convincingly prove what we have.”

Since Putin’s invasion began, Solovyov has repeatedly said that Russia should use its nuclear weapons capabilities to strike at Western countries that support Ukraine. Last week, he stated on his radio program Full Contact that “Nuclear war is inevitable.”

Russia’s threat to routinely use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine has hung over the conflict since it began. But experts said Kiev had demonstrated its ability to shoot down six nuclear-capable Kinzhal hypersonic missiles fired by Russia this week. It could reduce the chances of Moscow considering an escalation in conventional arms.

“We know that these missiles are not supersonic and cannot be stopped.”And said Sergis Chomelini, founder of the Center for European Resilience Initiative, a German think tank. From this perspective, we must also analyze other Russian threats such as nuclear threats. Are they really capable of beating us? he told Newsweek.