July 14, 2024

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Number of PCR tests performed since the reopening of borders

Number of PCR tests performed since the reopening of borders

The number of PCR tests conducted at Moroccan airports since the reopening of the borders on February 7 has exceeded 47,457, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

The ministry specifies that its services deployed in the Kingdom’s airports carried out on January 8 a total of 13,492 PCR tests. The number rose to 14,802 tests the next day, then 18,457 tests on January 11.

As a reminder, Mohamed Masif, Chief Medical Officer at Mohammed V Airport, indicated in a statement to the press, that health controls at the borders have been modified, in accordance with the legislation in force and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. . and social protection, depending on the international and national epidemiological situation.

At the national level, the Ministry of Health decided that the monitoring will take place in two stages, the first one immediately after the plane lands with the control of documents to reduce the waiting time and consists of adjusting the PCR and vaccination. pass, explained.

He added that passengers are then required to pass through the testing area to undergo a quick check and leave without delay, noting that once the test proves positive, the passenger is informed and required to self-isolate.


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