April 13, 2024

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Old Christians: Telecommuting from the Cave – How Father Got a €1029 Salary

Old Christians: Telecommuting from the Cave – How Father Got a €1029 Salary

As of yesterday, it was learned that the 45-year-old “leader” of the community of early Christians in the mountainous Corinthia works in a municipality, specifically by telework.

In particular, the 45-year-old PaleoChristians worked from the cottage where he lived with his family in the municipality of Eretria-Amarinthos in Evia.

In 2016, he was hired as a cleaner in the municipality of Iliopolis, where he worked until 2020. For the next 3 years he receives a salary from the municipality of Eretria, where he requested a transfer.

After an investigation by a special committee, 45-year-old Paleochristianos was transferred to the Municipality of Eretria for health reasons. A specific decision was taken in September 2020. The program “Live News” brings to light a document showing that his income as an employee of the municipality of Eretria was 1,029 euros.

After two years, completing the required hours, he was promoted to the next pay grade and received a raise. So, in August 2023, the salary of a person living with a family in mountainous Corinthia as a remote cleaner reached 1,505 euros.

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Early Christians: Niki Geramios demanded an investigation – what the mayor of Eretria had to say

At the same time, Interior Minister Niki Geramios ordered a check on the 45-year-old's work status. Ms Geramios noted that she has asked the relevant agencies to investigate what exactly happened to the 45-year-old and in what capacity she was working at the agency.

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“I have already asked for an audit to see where the 45-year-old from Corinth works and in what capacity. I have asked the competent authorities to carry out the audit,” Ms Keramios said from parliament.

“I have been informed and sent the documents for his presence. He was working remotely. He was hired in 2020 for health reasons and provided remote services, which was told to us by the previous administration,” Amarinthos, the mayor of Eretria, said at the beginning.

“There is a document from the deputy mayor that he has not been present here since the 16th of the month, I sent the document to the person and he is not present. Then, when he did not come, I called him to apologize and submitted the second document on the 13th,” he continued about the 45-year-old from Corinthia. “However, we have seen work done remotely in the service,” said Mr. Cornice concluded.

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