April 13, 2024

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“Tangles of hair…” Chinese and Indians in our homes…

“Tangles of hair…” Chinese and Indians in our homes…

By George Kraloglos

If the Indians want our houses let them find them with the Chinese. Helatistan doesn't sell anything else. India goes for the TAIPED ride…

70+ Private Entrepreneurs and as your Prime Minister Coordinator you have organized a really grand business mission for India and you have taken full responsibility for privatization of TAIPED, what do you want to show? You are politically ready for privatisation, saying you have few buyers…?

So go ahead and sell LARCO to Indians. Sell ​​ODA and your entire defense department. Sell ​​DEPA, DESFA etc… sell mineral wealth in your Govt property…

A few ports near Thessaloniki and Halkidiki where you can sell them in the fridge because the locals will run you over. If you find more rich Indians, sell your state properties on ELPE and PPC…

Otherwise, why are you messing with TAIPED in your (otherwise worthy) business work? India will definitely take it seriously when it comes from an EU country (even if it's pre-election period). Where everything is sold.

An EU country with more than 300 billion private capital will not see a white day without investments (if we want to see 2030 or beyond…).

Where is the problem with TAIPED?

Its goal is strictly and exclusively privatisation. And the current government (like all our governments, for half a century) is 100% for nationalization and 0% (!!) for privatization.

And this is known and demanded by all the parties and all the party dogs who live only on the support of the parties. 90% Government Servants and 100% Government Servants, DEKOs.

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This is also known to local communities who are mobilized in elections by counting on incumbent parties, appointments and local bribes.

However, Indians do not know that in the pseudo-socialism of Helatistan we are talking about privatization of state institutions and infrastructure (which come from the state and are managed by parties) but we do not mean this in any way.

They don't know that our state-owned business listings in the economy have almost everything you can imagine.

But even if you're interested in a state unit (keeping in mind former communist states to disrupt their economies) you'll run into trouble where you least expect it.

You will be confused by the party-controlled Labor paternalism in principle. All parties. Governments allow sales of their missions (business and others) and state units, but they set it up for them…in Syntagma Square with flags and tumblers!!

If you go beyond that, you'll run into trouble with governments that pretend they want privatization, but that's… why? Why is it not in their interest to get out of the fake socialist game?

As long as the government does not interfere with private individuals who are supposed to have investment opportunities through statist policies (such as privatization), business will be better (especially at an international level like yesterday for India). After all, it will expose us to a country that seems positive so far.

And “like this”. Don't push our state's “businesses” like privatization(!!) which we don't like politically and we are already in trouble in many ways. Let private individuals do what they plan with India. and guaranteed as a state. that is enough.

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