July 14, 2024

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Olympus who has arrived… Mars is having difficulty in Pieria

Olympus who has arrived… Mars is having difficulty in Pieria

The news comes to us from the field of space science and states the following: “At its equator Mars Morning frost is first observed, which then evaporates. This discovery surprised the scientific community, as it was believed that it was impossible for frost to exist in this region of the Red Planet. This discovery could be valuable in accurately modeling where water is located on Mars and how it is exchanged between the red planet’s atmosphere and its surface. This could be crucial for future Mars exploration by manned missions. The frost was observed by two spacecraft belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), the first being the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which arrived at Mars in 2016, and then the Mars Express spacecraft, which has been exploring Mars since 2003. It was given a name, as it is located in the Tharsis region. It is the largest volcanic area on Mars, as it includes 12 large volcanoes, including Volcano Olympus MonsIt is not only the tallest volcano on Mars, but also the highest peak in the solar system at 22 kilometers high.

Aside from the natural interest in developments in the field of space, which is always present among people, Greece is of great interest – or rather it could be. The reason is none other than the name given by scientists to the highest peak in the solar system, Olympus Mons. The name is taken from the tradition of the ancient Greeks, who believed in twelve gods, with the twelve gods remaining in Olympus, the highest mountain in the region. After all, Ares, on which Olympus Mons rests, was one of the 12 gods who lived on Olympus, the god of war. Therefore, Olympus is a world landmark, known and recognizable throughout the length and breadth of the Earth, yet it is little promoted in modern Greece for tourism reasons. It is essentially an untapped asset, which can offer a lot to the country and of course to Beeria, where it is located.

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Developments in the fall

In recent years, productive bodies and Autonomous agents in Berea They seem to have realized the extent of the deficit. That is, they do not do the slightest thing to promote their region through Olympus. the “Mountain of the Gods” The statue of ancient Greece, where Zeus ruled, loved and manipulated, is a world landmark, as it is a symbol of foreigners’ admiration for our country’s history. There are not a few in Berea who realize that if Olympus had been… elsewhere, or if they themselves had been able to see themselves across the mountain, the fate of the region would have been different, and distinctly better, since the number of visitors would have been increased, while its composition would have been Different too, in a region that mainly welcomes Balkan tourists arriving in the region by land. At the same time, the entire region of Northern Greece will benefit, as – as is known – the visit marks a certain point – a milestone that spreads to neighboring regions.

In the same context and with the same goal, in recent years Berea’s agencies have also discussed a minor exploitation of Olympus, which until September 2022, when the presidential decree of 1937 effectively prohibiting any activity on the mountain was changed, was an area in which no one could carry out the slightest interference. Now – among other things – the level of benefits it is possible to set Cable car from Litochoro It reaches a point – not the summit of Mytikas, of course – as is the case with many mountains in Europe and the world, so that visitors can enjoy the scenery. But also to create a helipad, which will be used for tourist visits and to rescue people – especially climbers – in danger. As well as improving existing paths, but also to create more, so that traffic on the mountain will be safer.

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Starting in the fall, it is expected that a use and intervention plan, which will increase activities on Olympus and facilitate access to the mountain, will be drawn up under the umbrella of the Central Macedonia Region, while the relevant ministries will also participate. There will probably be many more problems from now on that we will have to solve before we reach a practical result, but it is now very likely that in a few years, the landscape of Olympus will become more welcoming to visitors as well, who may love the mountain for its beauty and historical weight, But they are not healthy and good climbers!

But it should be noted that even with regard to these light interventions, there are those who react or – at best – express objections and objections. They talk about the environmental burden and the commercialization of the Mountain of the Gods, positions that are always heard in Greece almost everywhere and in everything.