October 4, 2023

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On September 12, the new iPhone 15 will be presented (photo)

On September 12, the new iPhone 15 will be presented (photo)

to September 12th It has been officially scheduled apple with lovers iPhoneWith the tech giant today sending out the official invitations to the event that will take place at its headquarters, in ca.

And in the themed concert “Lust of Wonders”It is expected that the latest model of the popular smartphone will be presented and not only that.

Source: Apple

Industry analysts have been claiming for weeks that the long-awaited event will take place around mid-September. Finally… the ball “sat down” on Tuesday, September 12th.

One of the main differences in iPhone 15 It is estimated that the charging port of the type is used usb c, As the legislation passed by the European Union since last October requires all new models of mobile phones, cameras and tablets sold on its territory to use this port, with the deadline being December 28, 2024.

Also, according to some reports, it is possible that some new devices have been manufactured of titanium.

It is very likely that the new models will also be shown at the event apple watchincluding the latest version of the luxury Apple Watch Ultra, as well as the updated Apple Watch iPad mini.

The entire event will be broadcast as always and live from the Apple website.

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