October 4, 2023

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The press spent almost the entire time trolling 36 WoW players and losing their characters! (video)

The press spent almost the entire time trolling 36 WoW players and losing their characters!  (video)

A shocking, disturbing, sad and disappointing event for many was witnessed by an online community last month in Blizzard’s popular MMORPG, in… World of Warcraft. In short, backstabbing a player caused 36 guild members to lose their characters once and for all. Betrayal ranks as one of the most calculated events to occur in gaming recently, having taken nearly a full year of patience!

Going into detail, a player with the username “tinyviolin” joined a guild in WoW and dedicated himself to grinding the game’s hardcore mode in preparation for the final boss raid. This required nearly a year of preparation and familiarization with the group to prepare the guild for the challenging Four Horsemen raid, a feat few have achieved in WoW.

However, when the moment of truth came, Tiniveulin played the role of a tank, decisively deviating from the team’s strategy. Instead of cornering one of the knights, as was usual, he deliberately pushed him into the group. This resulted in a deadly combination of shocks from the two knights, destroying more than half of the raid team. Due to the unforgiving nature of hardcore, a total of 36 team member characters have been erased forever due to tinyviolin’s betrayal!

At this point, it should be noted that prior to joining the guild, Tinyviolin was known to have a history of “grief.” This term is used to describe players who intentionally spoil the game for others. Despite his bad reputation, the guild was convinced that the little violin had changed his behavior. This trust paid off in the end, though, when he intentionally misplaced Zelek, ensuring that a series of Holy Wrath shots would affect the entire raid. This move was of course no coincidence, as Tinyviolin went so far as to bring back a taunt on the boss from another player, Legenz, to intentionally keep him in this wrong position.

Below you can watch a video of the failed attempt that has gone viral on social media, with many admitting how patiently the sad person has been grinding for almost a year to spoil the game for the rest of us!

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