October 1, 2023

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Significant price increase for 12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions

Significant price increase for 12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions

Along with announcing new free PS Plus Essential games for September, Sony has been lurking in… PS Blog Much more important announcement. she has Increased prices for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions across all tiers.

As many foreign media pointed out. In Europe, PS Plus annual subscription growth reaches 25%While in the USA it reaches 35%. While the new prices are not yet in effect, PlayStation Plus Essential costs €59.99 per year, PlayStation Plus Extra at €99.99 per year, and finally PlayStation Plus Premium at €119.99 per year.

But Sony has not yet clarified whether monthly and quarterly subscriptions will also lead to higher prices.

The new price list for 12-month Basic, Plus, and Premium subscriptions, as announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is as follows:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12 months
    $79.99 | £59.99 | 71.99 euros
  • Additional PlayStation Plus subscription for 12 months
    $134.99 | £99.99 | 125.99 euros
  • PlayStation Plus Premium subscription for 12 months
    $159.99 | £119.99 | 151.99 euros

Increase in subscription price for 12 months It will be in effect from September 6 For new subscribers. As for those who are already on a 12-month plan, they will see the price increase the next time they are billed on or after November 6th.

If subscribers make any changes to their package either to downgrade or to upgrade, this update will result in them being charged at the new prices. Sony also said it will notify all existing subscribers of these changes via email, and promised to provide additional details on its official website soon.

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