June 26, 2024

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The trick to getting an Android-exclusive feature on your iPhone – how to set it up

The trick to getting an Android-exclusive feature on your iPhone – how to set it up

A new Android-exclusive feature dubbed a “world’s first” makes Google searches faster — and more accurate — than ever before.

However, iPhone owners cannot use this function. Until now.

Circle to search on iPhone devices

It’s the Search Circle that was released alongside Google’s new Pixel 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series. With Circle to Search, users can circle anything on their screen with their finger to search for it on Google.

The gesture-based tool means just that Users no longer have to describe something they saw and want to know more about, hoping Google will understand. Whether it’s a piece of clothing you love or a monument you noticed.

Android and iPhone owners can already use the free Google Lens app to do most of this. but, The convenience of Circle to Search has been appreciated by users.

CNET experts have found a way for iPhone owners to set up the feature on their own devices. All they need is the Google app.

How to set it up

iPhone owners can take advantage of Apple Shortcuts so that visual search in Google Lens is activated when a screenshot is taken. It works in the same way as Android’s Circle to Search feature — iPhone owners just have to take a screenshot of what they’re searching for.

To prepare it:

  • If you don’t have it already, download the Google app on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the pre-installed Shortcuts app.
  • Press the “+” button at the top right to create a new shortcut.
  • Then click Add Action.
  • Find and tap Search photos with Lens, then tap Done.
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Now you need to find a way to enable the shortcut.

If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, you can choose the action button. Just go to settings, He presses Power button > Select the shortcut And select the shortcut Search for images using Lens

If you have any other type of iPhone, you can use the Accessibility Back Tap feature to enable the shortcut. in settings, Go to option Accessibility > touches > Back press > Double/triple press And select the shortcut to search for images using lens.