July 22, 2024

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Windows XP in 2024? Better not to try it…

Windows XP in 2024?  Better not to try it…

If you still have a computer with Windows XP the Windows 2000 It’s best to upgrade last, or avoid connecting to the Internet altogether, as both operating systems are now highly vulnerable.

Delving into the details, YouTuber Eric Parker decided to test how secure Microsoft’s legacy operating systems were in 2024 and the results were…scary!

In his first video, Parker installed Windows XP on a virtual machine without any additional security measures, such as a firewall, to monitor how quickly it would attract malware. So, within just two minutes, the system was infiltrated by several viruses, including one called “conhoz.exe” and another that created an unauthorized “admina” account, which hosted an FTP server. As Parker continued the experiment, the machine became filled with Trojans, backdoors, DNS switches, and adware, forcing him to use Malwarebytes, which detected eight separate viruses! Yes, once the system is connected to the Internet, Windows XP becomes infected with viruses without the user doing anything else within minutes.

As expected, Windows 2000 has proven to be more vulnerable to online threats. Parker’s similar experience on this older operating system led to the immediate installation of a virus that caused the virtual machine to shut down! After the reboot, additional malware caused the system to bluescreen, demonstrating how highly vulnerable these legacy systems are to modern cyber threats.

Parker’s presentations clearly highlight the importance of using modern, supported operating systems. Windows 10 and Windows 11 include advanced security features that significantly reduce the risk of such infections. Even Windows 7, when tested under the same conditions, remained unaffected, proving that these newer systems are far more resilient to persistent threats that easily penetrate their older counterparts.

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