July 23, 2024

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OpenAI has introduced the revolutionary tool Sora – which can turn any command into a video – Makeleio.gr

OpenAI has introduced the revolutionary tool Sora – which can turn any command into a video – Makeleio.gr

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT and image generator DALL-E, has introduced a new tool called “Sora,” which is capable of creating realistic videos that can last up to a minute using a simple text command. This is an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

Based on previous research on DALL-E and GPT, this new platform is still in testing, Microsoft's emerging ally explained, but it showed some videos and how to build it.

OpenAI said on its website that the software can create videos of a maximum of one minute “while maintaining visual quality and respecting user request.”

The startup says on its website that Sora can “create complex scenes with multiple faces, specific types of movements, and fine details.” Sora also allows for creating videos from a still image, the AI ​​giant confirms, or expanding existing videos.

Sam Altman, head of OpenAI, who previously worked at Twitter, told X that his company will “provide a limited number of creators with access” to this new tool as part of a beta phase. He also invited users to submit suggestions for creating videos, and after a few minutes he uploaded the most successful clips to the platform.

Among these videos, we see two dogs playing in the snow on a mountain. Another video clip shows an imaginary animal, half duck and half dragon, flying in front of a beautiful sunset, with a hamster wearing a flight costume on its back.

Sora serves as the foundation for “software capable of understanding and simulating the real world,” explains the startup, which it hopes will “be an important milestone in achieving artificial general intelligence,” a highly autonomous system that carries that. It will outperform humans at most cost-effective functions.

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OpenAI warned that the platform's “current model” has “flaws,” confusing left and right and showing an inability to maintain visual continuity throughout the video.

“For example, a person may bite into a cookie, but then there may be no bite marks on the cookie,” the company explains.

When unveiling this new tool, OpenAI said that the issue of security is of great importance and that simulations where users are asked to glitch or create inappropriate content will be organized to better define the boundaries of the platform.

“We will invite policymakers, educators and artists from around the world to understand their concerns and identify positive use cases for this new technology,” OpenAI said. Meta, Google, and Runway AI, which are working on similar text-to-video applications, have already demonstrated models.

Check out some videos created by Sora from OpenAI: