April 19, 2024

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Oscar Pistorius released from prison 11 years after his partner was murdered – what he will do from now on

Oscar Pistorius released from prison 11 years after his partner was murdered – what he will do from now on

Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison in South Africa, 11 years after he murdered his partner Reeva Steenkamp in cold blood.

He shot her several times through a bathroom door in 2013, later saying he mistook her for a burglar.

Pistorius, now 37, was finally convicted of murder in 2015 after an earlier manslaughter conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal.

He will live under strict conditions until his sentence ends in 2029.

The prison where Oscar Pistorius was held

Under South African law, all offenders are eligible for parole when they have served half their total sentence, which for Pistorius in 2017 was eventually set at 13 years and five months.

“We have always known that surveillance is part of the legal system in South Africa and we have always said that the law must be enforced,” Reeva Steenkamp’s mother, June, said in a statement. She added: “The parole of Oscar Pistorius has reaffirmed Barry’s and my faith in the South African judicial system.” “, referring to her late husband.

Journalists lined up outside the prison to see Oscar Pistorius upon his release

“The conditions imposed by the suspension board, which include anger management classes and gender-based violence programs, send a clear message that gender-based violence is taken seriously.”

“Was there justice for Reva?” question. “Has Oscar served enough time? There will never be justice if your loved one can't come back, and no amount of time served will bring back Reva. We are the ones left behind, we are the ones serving a life sentence.”

Entrance to the prison where Oscar Pistorius was held

Pistorius' crime that shocked the world

He was at the height of his fame on Valentine's Day 2013, just months after the sprinter won gold at the 2012 London Paralympics, when Oscar Pistorius shot the 30-year-old four times with his nine-barreled revolver through a locked Riva bathroom door. Steenkamp's partner, who was standing behind her at their home in Pretoria.

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What will he do after he gets out of prison?

As the Daily Mail reported, he intends to live in the suburb of Waterkloof in the home of his pious uncle, in a heavily guarded area. Security measures are very tight and there are signs warning potential intruders to respond immediately.

“He will never be able to go anywhere for the rest of his life without looking back anxiously,” they say, such is the disgust at his actions back home.

According to the Daily Mail, police in Johannesburg received information about gangs in the city preparing to avenge the killing of Reeva Steenkamp.

He has arch enemies – two of whom appeared at the murder trial. One was killed by a gang in Johannesburg and the second was convicted murderer Mickey Saltz.

Pistorius had the same concern that he might be killed before entering prison, when he was out on bail awaiting the court's decision. Until then, he lived in his uncle's house and did not approach the windows for fear that they would kill him.

While in prison, he was injured in a fight with a fellow prisoner over a cell phone in 2017, while in another incident he had to be treated for wrist injuries. His family denied that he harmed himself.

He is also said to have devoted himself to God, encouraging his people to read the Bible and love Jesus, and there are rumors that he may become a priest.

The restrictive measures under which he was released mean he must remain at home for certain hours of the day, and cannot consume alcohol and other prohibited substances.

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She will undergo anger management therapy and attend programs on gender-based violence. He is strictly prohibited from going out to the nightclubs he used to frequent.

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