June 25, 2024

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The B-1B crashes, and the crew abandons it

The B-1B crashes, and the crew abandons it

A B-1 Lancer bomber crashed while trying to land at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, where it was stationed, yesterday afternoon.

According to information that has become known, the accident occurred at 17:50 local time in the central United States, while the four-engined bomber was trying to land in conditions of severe frost and low cloud cover.

Its four crew members are said to have successfully used their ejection seats, which the B-1B was equipped with, unlike the original B-1A, which never entered service, and which had a detachable cockpit.

Eliminating this feature was a cost saving measure.

Of the 100 B-1Bs built, fewer than 60 remain in service.

Since 1984, at least 14 Lancers have been lost in accidents, four of which were fatal.

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