February 22, 2024

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Overtaking tolls on Greek highways – how will the toll be collected?

Overtaking tolls on Greek highways – how will the toll be collected?

Toll stations on the country's major highways will be a thing of the past in the coming years.

With the launch of electronic tolls, which will operate on a per-kilometre basis, fees will be charged at stations located on the roads.

The mileage fee, which will be fairer to drivers, will be gradually implemented on all highways, except the Attica Road.

How will the new fees work?

Tolls as we know them today will cease and drivers will be charged according to the distance they travel.

The aim is to ensure that the financial burden is eased on many drivers, who currently pay a predetermined – and potentially high – price regardless of how many kilometers they drive.

At Olympia Odos, figures show that driver charging is up to 76% less

It was confirmed that the new system relates to the installation, operation and maintenance of the technological equipment necessary for the gradual transition to the “free flow” system on highways, where there will be no toll collection stations.

This will ensure that there are no travel delays, as vehicles will not have to stop for toll processing, and waiting in queues will become a thing of the past.

Queues in front of toll booths

Olympia Odos and Boac

It is noteworthy that electronic tolls are already being trialled on the Olympia road, while one of the first highways to receive them will be BOAK on the island of Crete, which is expected to be fully ready within the next five years.

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On Olympia Road in particular, figures show drivers are being charged up to 76% less.

The company's transponder, provided by drivers, is read by electronic sensor gates installed at the entrances and exits of highways, and the car pays the toll zone fee.

If he exits the highway before the end of the designated zone, the amount corresponding to the distance not traveled will be automatically added to his transponder.

Drivers put their hands in their pockets

However, at the moment, drivers have their hands in their pockets, since 2024, making a “football” with an increase in fees.

Specifically, toll prices increased on the Patras-Athens, Antirio-Ioannina, Corinth-Tripolis-Kalamata and Levictro-Sparta secondary highways, as well as on the Rio-Antirio Bridge.

It is noteworthy that on the Patras – Athens highway, and based on the new prices, as announced by Olympia Odos, the Patras – Athens car journey is set at 12.60 euros (from 11.80 euros).

At the forward station in Eleusina, the price for two- and three-wheeled vehicles increased to 1.60 euros for cars and passenger cars at 2.30 euros, for trucks, buses and other vehicles with 2-3 axles with or without a trailer and a height of more than 2.20 meters, at 5.80 euros and for trucks and other vehicles with 4 One or more axles with or without trailer and height from 2.20 m at a price of 8.10 euros.

Finally, on the Antirio – Ioannina highway, based on the new prices announced by “Nea Odos”, the Antrio – Ioannina car trip is now priced at 13.70 euros (from 12.75 euros).

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