February 26, 2024

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€150 voucher for POS supplies

€150 voucher for POS supplies

It will be possible to secure discount coupons (vouchers) worth 150 euros for the supply of points of sale through the “Digital Transactions” program by SMEs: The third cycle of the specified procedure is “closed” and the procedures have begun to re-open the platform for the submission of new orders and applications. Through this specific program, digital tools can be adopted that support the processes of issuing, issuing and trading invoices, tax documents and making electronic payments.

Vangelis Dorakis writes

The program as stated in enikonomia.gr, Directed to small and medium enterprises Which is active in Greek territory and, according to estimates by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, is expected to contribute to improving the productivity of SMEs, increasing the security of transactions, as well as enhancing their tax compliance.

Who are the beneficiaries of invoice From 150 euros

So one of the actions of the Digital Transactions program was to replace EFT/POS with 3the To “close” the cycle of the relevant category on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. Against the background of “pressure” being exerted on small and medium enterprises to acquire modern systems for their transactions with their customers, the idea is to exploit the amounts that were left unallocated to provide the opportunity for other beneficiaries to claim them. .

Within the framework of the programme, existing private enterprises carrying out economic activity are strengthened, And for them Which occurs cumulatively and others The following conditions:

  • They have their headquarters or branch in Greek territory with a Greek VAT number.
  • They are active on the date of application for program funding.
  • Established/formed before 01.01.2022.
  • They form a legal entity (public limited company, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited partnership, IKE, sole proprietorship, social cooperative enterprise, cooperative) or sole proprietorship and maintain simple or double-copy books.
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What does the state fund?

Essentially, the purchase or rental of an EFT/POS system with the new specifications is financed by the state for up to 3 years, with the value of the voucher set at €150 and up to €2 per company.

The support is entitled to supply digital products and services, through the examination system (Vouchers). Each beneficiary:

  • It can be financed to purchase one or more solutions (a set of products/services). Each supported solution is billed and paid for in full, with a portion of payment coming from cashing program checks (general funding);
  • A funding application may be submitted to purchase solutions in one or more activity categories, as long as they meet the general and specific eligibility criteria (for each category).

Digital products and services, as well as related complementary services, are supplied by suppliers approved under the programme.

They must belong to it, too The unified register of approved digital products and services.

The application is submitted by the company representative who legally owns the company's access codes (username and password) to the AADE tax services (Taxisnet Information System).

Securing procedures invoice

In order to enter the EBMA platform and create a new application, the applicant must confirm their company identity using company passwords in Taxsinet. for this purpose:

  • First of all, he provides his consent to the necessary data processing in the context of submitting, examining and approving the grant application, declares that he has received knowledge and agrees to be bound by the terms and procedures of the programme.
  • Go to the secure environment of the General Secretariat for Public Sector Information Systems (GIPS) to register your company credentials for the serviceUser authentication.
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To select interested companies Compliance with the conditions of participation in the program is checked (confirmation of eligibility) and comparative evaluation of eligible proposals, based on the evaluation criteria,

The evaluation process is carried out automatically through the program's information system.

After completing the above procedures The listing decision is issued with the final ranking and definition of the applications Which can be financed through the program.

When the decision is issued, the beneficiaries will be notified via electronic communication.

The process of purchasing Sponsored Solutions is briefly done in the following steps:

  • Get a coupon
  • Selection of products/services and suppliers
  • Request products/services – reservation vouchers
  • Payment for products/services – redemption of coupons

Existing Possibility of canceling the transaction by the beneficiary After redeeming the coupons.