February 22, 2024

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The digital platform has been opened to grant the discount

The digital platform has been opened to grant the discount

The digital platform has been opened to submit applications for ENFIA discount grants for insured homes, based on the data sent to Addy Home insurance companies, insurance capital, and types of insured perils (earthquake, fire, flood).

Applications (primary or amended) are being submitted. Until 02/22/2024This is done through the myAADE digital portal (http://myaade.gov.gr), following the path: Applications / Popular applications / My property / Reduce envia Insured homes.

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ENFIA reduction procedure

Please note that when creating the application, policyholders can locate insurance policies that are declared in their Tax Identification Number (TIN) and:

  • Connecting them to their insured homes (private insurance)
  • Announcing the tax identification numbers of the joint owners, in the event that there is more than one joint owner of the insured residence (private insurance and on behalf of others)
  • Announcement of tax identification numbers to third parties who have the right to insured residence, when they do not have the right to it (insurance on behalf of third parties).

Taxpayers, who will be included in the application as co-owners or third parties, will be informed via an email, which will also be published in their personal inbox, on the way. myAADE / Registration and contact / My messages. In order to obtain the ENFIA reduction, if the conditions are met, they must submit an application themselves, in order to link the insurance policy to their insured residence.

Citizens can be informed in particular through the relevant list of frequently asked questions and answers as well as the user guide for the new platform published on the AADE website, as well as through the AADE Taxpayer Service Centre: +30 213 162 1000, regarding working days and hours 07:30 – 17: 00.

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It should be noted that a discount of up to 10% is provided to ENFIA if the value of the dwelling insured against natural disasters Not less than 1000 euros per square meterThe insurance policy covers The full value of the property And The property is insured for at least three months Previous year (2023). If the insurance period is less than one year, the ENFIA reduction is adjusted proportionately.


– For the 10% discount in ENFIA, the insurance must cover 100% of the value of the dwelling, which means that the taxable surfaces of the dwelling as specified in the Land Registry and the E9 form will be taken into account.

– The discount is calculated on the total amount of the main and “supplementary” tax imposed if the objective value of the property exceeds 400 thousand euros and is increased in specific proportions.

– The 10% reduction from ENFIA relates only to the insured building and not the entire property. As the value of the property, the value of the building or buildings is taken without taking into account the value of the plot of land.

– In order to receive the 10% discount, one must have insured housing or residences against earthquakes, fires and floods throughout the previous year. Otherwise, the discount is proportional to the insurance period, but for a minimum of 3 months per year. This means that for 12-month insurance, the ENFIA is reduced by 10%, for 9 months a discount of 7.5% is applied, for six months the discount is limited to 5% and for three months to 2.5% while no reduction applies to homes insured for a period of 12 months. Less than three months a year.

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Naturally, all this will be taken into account during the ENFIA liquidation that will begin early.