May 22, 2024

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Panathinaikos Actor – Olympiacos 77-71: Sloukas clears advantage, 3/3 greens in tournament

Panathinaikos Actor – Olympiacos 77-71: Sloukas clears advantage, 3/3 greens in tournament

Makara happened in Owaka on Monday night (15/4), as Kostas Sloka scored the three-pointers that decided the seventh century derby of the season (77-71). The main court feature in qualifying is green.

The seventh derby of all time, in the 2023/24 season, was the least fortunate between the previous and the next. However, Panathinaikos and Olympiacos had a big battle on Monday night (4/15) at the Owaka Stadium in the third round of the TOP-6 League of the Stoiximan Basketball League, where the Green Team won (77-71) and achieved a 3/3 victory against Piraeus in the Championship. this year.

Panathinaikos rose to 23-1 (11-1 at home, 12-0 away), and has three appearances in the TOP-6 final. Kendrick Nunn and Dinos Mitoglou were up front, along with Juancho Hernangometh and Mathias LeSueur on the night when Jerrian Grant was left out of the starting lineup to be ready for the Euroleague playoffs and games against Maccabi Tel Aviv or Baskonia. On the same night Kostas Slokas hit a 3-pointer to make it 75-71 and maintain the score and advantage.

Olympiacos fell 22-3 (12-1 at home and 10-2 away), which will go into the playoffs knowing they will have home advantage in their potential showdown with Panathinaikos in the finals. Isaiah Kanaan was a big threat for the hosts, Nigel Williams-Goss put in another good performance and Walkup and Fall had very good spells, but the Piraeus side are intent on detail and are already thinking about the Barcelona series.

Ο Best player

Kendrick Nunn and Dinos Mitoglou scored 17 and 15 points respectively, but it was Kostas Slokas who decided the derby. He was very good creatively in the early going, with five assists in the first period, and also put in the big ball that put his former team on the canvas. He played 31:55, a figure explained by the absence of Jerrian Grant.

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The weak link

Bad night for Alec Peters who scored 10 points but took 0/2 3-pointers and a poor image on defense. The American had the support of his coach and played 31 minutes, but did not make a difference. Others have also fallen behind, but the demands are much greater than Peters.



The statistics that stood out

Panathinaikos finished the first period with eight assists and one foul, Olympiacos ended the period with 2/6 three-pointers, missed four possessions and finished the quarter with five starters. In the first half, points from opponent fouls (19-2) and points from second chances (7-0) helped the home team maintain its lead, while shots (1-12) helped Piraeus stay alive until the end. Claim victory.

0-10 It was points from second chances in the third period, 0-2 fouls, Sluka's three-pointer was what decided the game. 30-5 points from the opponent's errors, 32-36 points from the racket, 8-12 points from the surprise, 20-27 points from the substitution.


Ataman opened the match with Sluka, Nan, Papapetrou, Hernangometh, Mitoglou, Bartzukas opened it with Walkup, Kanan, Papanikolaou, Peters, Vale. Both teams entered the match nervous, but quickly found their rhythm, with Sloka setting up the green team, with Canaan scoring 8-11 in the 6th minute and Nans leading 7-0 (15-11 in the 8th minute). . Kanaan answered again, but the period belonged to the hosts, who ended the score at +7 (23-16) with a three-pointer from Grigonis.

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Barzoukas changed 4/5 out of five at the start of the second, putting Ataman Grigonis in place of Papapetrou. Nunn and Lesueur pressed the gas further to make it 34-17 at the 14th minute, the crowd was enthusiastic and the field seemed to be tilted in favor of Olympiacos. However, the Piraeus team kept calm, going more towards the basketball of the short partnership, and Vale finished the stages with strong shots and ended the half at -5 (38-33).

The picture of the derby did not change at the beginning of the second half, as Panathinaikos advanced by a small margin and Olympiacos remained close to it. One with Kanan, one with Walkup, and one with Peters. Val Khattaf made it 47-48 in the 26th minute, and as time passed, the nerves increased. Spectators, spectators, players, coaches. 59-55 at the end of the third period gave some light air to the Greens, but everyone “saw” the action until the end.

The score remained low, and each attack seemed like a mini-match, Nunn scored a three-pointer to make the score 65-61, and Mitoglou another goal, 68-63, in the 35th minute, but Olympiacos responded with a score of 5-0 to achieve a new tie, and in the 37th minute the play was stopped due to a problem. Artistic. A miscommunication between Larentzakis and Fall led to Nan getting a basket at 72-68, but again that +4 was not enough. Vale and McKissick reduced the score, followed by air balls from Hernangometh and Wacob, in the 39th minute.

Sloukas hit the decisive 3-pointers at 75-71, the Panathinaikos defense came out and the Green Team got the score.

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Rulers: Pitsilkas, Tsimbouris, Malogiannis

Contracts: 23-16, 38-33, 59-55, 77-71

Panathinaikos (Ataman): Sloukas 10 (2/4 3-pointers, 4/4 steals, 7 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers), Papapetrou 4 (2/4 2-pointers), Nan 17 (7/11 2-pointers, 1/6 3) Throws, 3 rebounds, 4 assists), Hernangometh 11 (4/6 2-pointers, 1/4 3-pointers, 8 rebounds, 3 steals), Mitoglou 15 (2/6 2-pointers, 3/5 3-pointers, 2/2 treys, 6 rebounds), Kalaitzakis, Vildosa 2 (1/4 shot), Moraitis, Lesueur 13 (3/5 2-pointers, 7/9 shots), Grigonis 5 (1)

Olympic (Bartzukas): Walkup 5 (1 3-pointer, 5 rebounds, 4 assists), Kanan 15 (4/10 3-pointers, 2 rebounds, 3 assists), Valo 10 (5/7 2-pointers, 9 rebounds, 5). 2 assists), Papanikolaou 4 (2/7 shooting, 6 rebounds, 4 assists), Peters 10 (3/5 2 shots, 0/2 3 points, 4/5 shots, 6 rebounds), Williams-Goss 18 (5/ 9 2-pointers, 1/1 3-pointer, 5/6 shooting, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, Wright 3, Larentzakis 3 (1), Mitro Long, McKissic 3

Panathinaikos team statistics: 19/34 2-pointers, 8/25 3-pointers, 15/19 shots, 27 rebounds (21 defensive – 6 offensive), 21 assists, 10 steals, 1 block, 6 turnovers, 19 fouls

Olympiacos team statistics: 18/32 2-pointers, 7/23 3-pointers, 14/20 shooting, 38 rebounds (27 defensive – 11 offensive), 20 assists, 4 steals, 4 blocks, 14 turnovers

Next matches for both teams: In the fourth round, Panathinaikos receives Peristeri (19/4 at 20:15), while Olympiacos receives Prometheus (18/4 at 17:15).