June 19, 2024

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Panathinaikos Actor – Olympiacos: Sloukas class, the mark with which Peters and Mitoglou opened – again

Panathinaikos Actor – Olympiacos: Sloukas class, the mark with which Peters and Mitoglou opened – again

Stefanos Makris analyzes Panathinaikos Aktor's victory over Olympiacos. It was the harsh mark on Peters that took him out of the race, Mitoglou who opened the field from fifth place and the Sluka class that spoke at the end.

the Panathinaikos Actor Defeated for the third time this year Olympic At the Stoiximan basketball league level, prevailing With 77-71 for the third game of the Top-6To secure first place in the regular season.

the Sport24 He analyzes the victory of “green” over “red and white.”

Panathinaikos Aktor's “Five Out” started and influenced the entire match

Ergin Ataman has made a surprising start in his five starts after starting Juancho Hernangometh and Dino Mitoglou in the long positions. The reason is clear: with Mitoglou in the midfield position, the “five out” system was played (translation: Five shooters on the floor, who were on the three-pointer and open court) wanted to pull Mustapha Fall away from the basket. And that's exactly what I did.

Since Mitoglou (15 points on 3/5 3-pointers) was a constant threat from the perimeter, Vale did not have space to play the role of “fool” near the basket. The Greens found the spaces they were looking for and with Kostas Sloukas in the role of creator, they felt comfortable on the ground from the start.

The threat posed by Metoglou from the ocean was always on Val's mind and this changed the facts in defending the “Reds and Whites”. This was perhaps more evident than ever, less than 3 minutes before the end of the match. That's when Nunn played pick and roll with Grigonis and raced to the basket and scored on a layup.

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Larentzakis received blame at this point for not making the substitution quickly enough, especially since Olympiacos played substitutions on every screen almost throughout the match. But at this point, there is one detail: Nan went left (as he wanted). There was Val. Under other circumstances it could be closed. But with Mitoglou in the corner hitting three three-pointers, the Frenchman was of no help at all.

Ergin Ataman clearly wanted Mitoglu to be on the ground when Val was and LeSor when Wright was on the ground. The reason is clear: With Val on the floor, he wanted to open up the court and get him away from the basket. With Wright on the floor, he wanted to pass the ball near the basket to Lesueur and tire out Olympiacos. LeSueur finished with 13 points and 8 fouls in 15 minutes of action. job done. The cost was several missed defensive rebounds, but Panathinaikos Aktor was willing to live with that.

Peters' signal and Olympiacos' reaction with the trio of Vale, Kanan and Williams-Goss

Ergin Ataman is known for his philosophy of mercilessly identifying his opponents' top scorers when he deems it necessary. He did the same in yesterday's derby (15/4), where Alec Peters was the target of attacks by the 'Green'.

Peters is not known for his defensive consistency. Panathinaikos Aktor hit the target all night and 'hurt' Olympiacos. The Greens mercilessly tagged Peters in a Pick and Roll situation. With Olympiacos playing with substitutions, the “green” guards (Sloukas, Nunn) were beating Peters there. But there were also moments when the player marked by Peters (Ernangumet) made a fake screen and quickly cut to the basket and scored. Here is an example:

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Panathinaikos Actor found the back door in the Olympiacos defence. However, both teams scored with difficulty. Amendments came gradually. The Red and White closed their racket by hitting some shots. Offensively, they hit the basket with Vale (10 points and 5 assists gave another 12 points), got the offensive rebounds they needed, and found points with Kanaan's shots (15 points) in the third half (the American did not do that). competition in the fourth quarter). In tough times, they saw Nigel Williams-Goss (18 points) hit big shots in the fourth period to tie the game. Now everything will be judged by one shot, one mistake.

The sloka chapter occurs at the end

The final attacks of both teams were in the same direction as they were throughout the match. Panathinaikos's Aktor wanted to play a pick and roll with Sluka and took a three-pointer to Juancho Hernangomet, but the Spaniard volleyed. Olympiacos passed the ball to Vale and he made his three-pointer with a walkup, but the naturalized goalkeeper also volleyed.

The next attack was now in the hands of Panathinaikos Aktor. Kostas Slokas took the ball. Kostas found Papanikolaou in front of him, played one-on-one and with a three-pointer made it 75-71 with 36 seconds left in the final, sealing the victory.

It was the finish Panathinaikos Actor was looking for. Slokas finished the game with 10 points and 7 assists, giving the “Greens” another 15 points. He had a +13 in +/- system, the best among his teammates alongside Nunn. It was his night.

Bodies fell into another game

The seventh “eternal” derby this year was – in theory – the most decisive this season, but the two teams did not view it that way. This makes sense. Panathinaikos Actor – Olympiacos derby cannot be indifferent at all. Prestige is still at stake.

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In a match in which both teams witnessed significant absences (Grant and Antetokounmpo with Panathinaikos Aktor and Milutinov and Petrusev with Olympiacos) several things were seen. For example, Ataman's choice to match Mitoglou with Vale almost exclusively shows that he believes he has found a way to open up Olympiacos' defence.

The Red and White responded by playing with screen changes (even off the ball) for about 40 minutes – something they were not used to – and betting on their size near the basket (which would then become larger). The re-integration of Petrusev and Milutinov) shows that they too believe they can find their own answers.

Whatever the case, the only thing that is certain is that the bodies fell in another derby. Both teams gave their all. They still have many battles to find better answers.