June 19, 2024

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Panathinaikos: Everyone (will be) essential for the series with Maccabi | Blog – Giorgos Koufaris

Panathinaikos: Everyone (will be) essential for the series with Maccabi |  Blog – Giorgos Koufaris

Giorgos Koufaris writes about the play-off series with Maccabi Tel Aviv and stands alongside Lucas Veldouza and Ioannis Papapetrou who showed their speed in a hard-fought win over Peristerio Buen, in a match that was the best possible training for Panathinaikos Aktor.

More or less everyone expected his game Panathenaiko on him Peristerio It will not be an easy task for the Greens. Whoever thinks so is either delusional, or has not followed his team much Santa Spanoles. In fact, he couldn't find it Panathinaikos A better opponent in light of the very difficult and crucial but also somewhat disturbing historical series He clears his throat With the Maccabi.

Of course, the same goes for pigeon. Because we must not forget that he got a ticket last four to BCL. If nothing else, he wants to test his mettle against one of the best teams this year EuroLeague.

That's why I consider the test a success for him Panathinaikos Who – despite his absences – remained alert and kept the tension high, as did the Western Suburbs side who in turn showed they were capable of seeing (much) superior opponents in the eye. We hope that both teams achieve their goals. And Panathinaikos to reach last four to Berlin, but also pigeon To return from Belgrade With…full luggage.

The picture on the stands, the management's winning bet

As for their matching stoeksiman Basket League I want to stand first in front of the world. More than 11,000 of his friends Panathenaiko They gave the “present” to awaka For a championship game and without being on the other end of the floor o Olympic. Talk about a terrible time. We saw it and almost couldn't believe it. Of course there could have been more, up to 15,000, if all season holders, as well as the organizers, had presented their “gift”.

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However, it was a night worth playing EuroLeague. Families, kids and overall a great basketball atmosphere. If nothing else, the stadium's image is a winning bet by management in this year's competition. Yes, the team's contributions and results have helped a lot, but at the same time it is a chain, where one link is harmoniously linked to the next. The result is reflected both inside and outside the four lines of the parquet.

To tell you the truth, I don't know if that's the case Panathinaikos He will be able to win against pigeon If there was no “Thunder Present” in the world. Are you going to tell me that cheerleaders play basketball? no. But they are a “piece” of the game. I consider it certain that players with a few fans in the stands will get a different 'boost' and a different 'boost' they get now. And if we take into account “what's to come” for OAKA as of next season, what we see this year may not be… anything about what we'll see next year.

Veldoza's remark was reflected on the parquet

From there I want to focus on two players. to Luca Bulldozer And for Ioannis Papapetrou. Two players suffered injuries during the year and were unable to show their true selves. They never found a rhythm. As is logical and next for every player, when he is not on the floor, when he does not have playing minutes, he cannot find a rhythm. Even more so when injuries preceded them and as a result they lost (more) ground.

I would not agree with the opinion that says so “Peristeri is not a standard.” Of course because we are talking about the third power in Greek basketball and the team that will win the European Cup in one week in Belgrade. After him Olympic He is the next opponent who could give him a hard time Panathinaikos. As he told the “Red and Whites” a few days ago chef. Well, it can't be a coincidence! That's why I appreciate their presence Bulldozer And Papapetrou In this particular match.

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On that day, the Argentine goalkeeper said in an interview Basket News Which “It takes a few snapshots to find your mental state and your good self.” He knows something. This is what he proved in this match. The same applies to him Papapetrou, He, in turn, found the bullets he was looking for and reached the point of hitting him.”dagger» A triple at 34 inches before the end “sealed” his victory Panathenaiko.

The ataman will look at the back of his seat

Tell me, will anything happen if the Greens lose from him? pigeon; no. But for him Papapetrou, But also for him Bulldozer Earlier he pioneered counting These shots played a huge role in their psychology for the “Greens”. And if nothing else “raised” Papapetrou And Bulldozer He needs them Panathinaikos in He clears his throat Ha EuroLeague against the Maccabi last Aviv.

A series where all players will be essential. From first to last. Especially those who have been through a lot during the year and as a result rotation, To reduce (quality) of solutions in his hands Ataman And the burden of 6-7 (maximum) players with back-to-back games and “full” innings in terms of playing time.

Here I must put in parentheses and say that the Turkish coach himself said that this was not necessarily bad, as there was “chemistry” and positive results. Approves. But in a series that includes two matches every 48 hours for two weeks in a row (including if a fourth match is needed) I think Ataman He will often look deep into his seat.

Maccabi is capable of doing the best, but not the worst

Especially since Maccabi open rotation, Sports players and “fresh” legs but also high-quality solutions. Another reason why everyone should be ready for this Panathinaikos. Whether on a competitive or psychological level. There will be no one left. In one game, they may not all play and playing time may not be shared, but I take it for granted that they will be given the opportunity in the next game.

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In my personal and humble opinion, maybe Maccabi To be the worst team that could happen to him Panathinaikos If we put in its equation Baskonia And Advantages Who were the candidates? Not because they won 2-0 against Panathinaikos this year. After all, we said this. Another group S Panathinaikos In his match awaka And the worst refereeing this season, while Belgrade lacked slokas, Bulldozer While the Nan He played one game due to injury.

They are simply a team capable of doing the best, perhaps not the worst. He plays nice basketball and has very good guards, while O.J katas He plays with 11 players in each match. The biggest “key” would certainly be to restrict (as much as possible). brown And Baldwin Who are the “A” and “Z” in how the group works. Which proves that they represent half of its points Maccabi Based on registration and creativity. And the Maccabi This year he scored 88.5 points per game.

We will discuss individual parts of the series in the following days. What I strongly believe is that Mr Panathinaikos If she is safe and sound, she has nothing to fear and no one. His only opponent will be his evil self on the way to it last four to Berlin.