December 3, 2023

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Panathinaikos: The final break in the derby

Panathinaikos: The final break in the derby

The derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos was stopped permanently after firecrackers exploded near Juancar and he left the stadium on a stretcher.

The derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos at Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium was stopped permanently, as the competent authorities informed the teams and the media at around 23:00.

The match was stopped after what happened when Juancar was injured by a firework that exploded next to him, while the Spanish full-back was warming up with his teammates in the 50th minute.

The three-man player was taken off the field on a stretcher, while the Panathinaikos players also left.

About an hour later, the Olympiacos players came out to warm up, but Panathinaikos’ counterparts never came out, resulting in the match not being resumed. Now the fate of the match will be decided by the sports judiciary.

Meanwhile, outside the stadium lines, both teams took stock of what happened in the locker room. Olympiacos claimed this, according to what was reported by Cosmot TV “There is something that did not catch the referee’s attention and that is why the match must continue. If Panathinaikos insists on not coming out, that is their problem.”

Panathinaikos argued, again as broadcast by the subscription channel, among others “Matching doctor changes Huancar’s original diagnosis.” He added that “We want it in writing to move against it.”

Now everything will be determined by the match regulations and the decisions of the sports judge who will be in charge of the case.

Everything that happened in the derby until Mandy Kamara’s goal

Olympiacos started with Alexandropoulos in place of Essie in the pivot, who was left out of the 20, with Pontense-Fortuny on the attacking flanks next to Masoura and El Kaabi. For Panathinaikos, Palacios started on the left “wing” of the attack, so that he could also help with the stops, while Aarau was the last player in the green defence.

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The first few minutes were quiet as both teams engaged in midfield duels and fouls and no movement in the area.

The first final match was played by Olympiacos in the 8th minute, as Podensi searched for space from the right side and shot the ball outside the area, but it was missed. Panathinaikos became very dangerous thanks to counterattacks. In the tenth minute, Ioannidis carried the ball, cutting off the Olympiacos defence, but Tserin was struck by lightning, and Pashalakis moved away for a corner kick. A minute later, Clover had another good moment with Bernard’s shot from inside the area.

The Greens were still dangerous on the counter-attack. In the 17th minute, Bernard passed to Palacios who passed to Diorisets who turned from the side towards Ioannidis with Paschalakis coming out to close down and Doi driving past Ioannidis. A little later, Panathinaikos again entered the red and white zone, the visitors changed the ball well, and Djuricic missed a shot from the left side.

Olympiacos made their presence felt again in the 20th minute with a header from Mandi and in the 25th minute with a Fortounis shot from the left side outside the penalty area, as the ball went wide of the goal. The most dangerous Panathinaikos got a “header” in the score in the 28th minute. After a free kick from the left side, Vagiannidis bit the ball, the defense of the red and white team did not chase it and pushed it into the net to achieve the treble 1-0.

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Immediately after that, Olympiacos tried to respond. Masouras gained possession of the ball, after a deep ball, he fell to the ground under pressure from Sinkeveld, but sent the ball to El Kaabi, who was cut down by Brignoli. The stage was checked with VAR, but continued.

Panathinaikos had the momentum. He hampered the red and white team, who relied mainly on Bodensee’s individual quality and in the 33rd minute came close to scoring another goal. Tzuricits fed Vagiannidis, who was unable to beat Paschalakis from a difficult angle on the right. In the 37th minute, the dangerous Djuricic was inside the area, and he shot a low ball from the left side, but it missed the goal for some time.

The first half ended with Olympiacos possessing the ball, but they were unable to threaten Brignoli’s goal, unlike Panathinaikos, who scored and gave the red and white defense a headache.

Olympiacos entered the field very strongly in the second half and managed to equalize in the 48th minute. Aarão passed to Mladenovic, who tried to avoid Kamara, cut him off, and the ball reached Pontense, who passed it once to Mandi, who beat Brignoli with a diagonal shot to make the score 1-1.

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