June 25, 2024

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Panathinaikos: When Diego Alonso faced “The Clover” (video)

Panathinaikos: When Diego Alonso faced “The Clover” (video)

Diego Alonso became coach of Panathinaikos, but… he got to know the ‘clover’ closely for the first time in 24 years at the most ‘shiny’ stage of football.

the Diego Alonso He received the anointing and He became the new coach of Panathinaikos, with a mission to bring him back to hits and big nights. After all, in such a game, the Uruguayan coach called the “clover” for the first time, while he still most likely could not imagine that one day he would sit on the bench.

The 49-year-old had an important career as a striker in Spain (he also scored against Olympiacos) and enjoyed great success Valencia From the 00s. So he first met with bats Panathinaikos. In December 2000 (12/06) in a group match Champions League Its crowded and festive awakathe Diego Alonso I was thrown into the “arena” before Hector Raul Cooper As a change. The Uruguayan striker participated in place of John Carew in the 86th minute of the match. However, he was unable to make a difference for his team and the score remained 0-0 until the end.

Then he faced players like Basins And Karagouniswhile getting… a close tag from Henriksen and Juma.

Panathinaikos lineup: Nicopolidis, Henriksen, Goumas, Vaziha (70′ Vlaović), Vokoulos, Saric, Kotsur (74′ Sibnevski), Pasinas, Lypropoulos, Karagounis, Fyssas (64′ Olivares).

Valencia lineup: Canethares, Pellegrino, Djukic, Mendieta, Carrillo (86′ Alonso), Angulo (75′ Ili), Carbone, Gondalez (74′ Viente), Baraja, Angloma, Albelda.

However, this was not the only time that Mr Alonso played against Panathinaikos. The Uruguayan also faced the “Greens” in the second match of the second group stage (in the old format of the Champions League). On March 13, 2001, he started as a starter in the match against Mostaja Panathinaikosin the bats win 2-1 and played 70 minutes.

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the Basins He opened the scoring with a penalty kick for the Greek team, but with two goals to one Sanchez And Englishthe Valencia Turned the game upside down.