June 25, 2024

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Panathinaikos won the first lead of the season and goes for its final justification

Panathinaikos won the first lead of the season and goes for its final justification

Kostas Golis writes about the weakness of Panathinaikos in Peristeri that saw them reach the top at the end of the regular season and on the path that the Greens will continue without arrogance until winning the title.

Modest and down-to-earth, without an iota of arrogance… as he has done throughout his journey so far, since last August and as Panathinaikos will continue to do in the remaining 10 matches until the qualifying final and the end of this year’s competition period.

The “Greens” won the first place this year, the first place in the regular season of the Premier League this year, and they achieved it because they fully deserved it, defeating Atromitos with a score of 2-0. No matter what anyone might think, looking at the data from their own point of view, Panathinaikos finished after 26 matches in first place with 61 points, +2 from AEK, +5 from Olympiacos and +7 from PAOK because in the total year so far it should have been to be on top.

nYes, he “suffered” in January with his absence, his disfigurement and his few substitutes on the bench for a long time. Yes, he lost a lot of points and saw his solid lead evaporate in a matter of weeks as he paid and paid dearly for every mistake he made.

Yes, for 5 weeks they were not the same team that managed an amazing 12-1-0 in the first round of the league, playing great ball in most of their games.

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But he endured… endured it all, endured every hardship, absence, crooked wheel, “guinea” and hard time and always remained competitive against every obstacle that was in front of him.

He did it and succeeded for several reasons

And he did it because at the end of his seat he had a man who was the guarantor of this entire edifice that he began building piece by piece from May 2021. He did it because he had players who, in the midst of difficulties, stepped up and covered…the loss to others who had yet to choose.

He did it because last January the Panathinaikos management embarked on the transfer that “Alfalfa” really needed, Daniel Mancini, paying 2.6 million euros to get to Koropi the best football player that at that time was “available” on the market and could change. The whole team for the best.

He did it because he had a leader, Dimitris Corbelis, who was kicked out on the stupidest night in Tripoli, so instead of taking him down, he self-criticized him and his head, he worked like a … dog, he changed the chip in his mind and he’s every week in the field, a real captain !

He did it because Fotis (Ioannidis) continues to give him … his lights, to develop and grow in football in a suitable environment, where everyone shows him the confidence he needs and he responds and justifies himself, his coach, the club and his world.

As he did in Peristeri against Atromitos, with a first goal, first-class execution and an excellent movement that brought the penalty kick that “closed” the 9the Twice the year, the same way: run in the window …

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Panathinaikos this year is a great story

This year’s Panathinaikos is a truly remarkable story and an example to all of us of how you can support an effort and project that is well founded, has solid foundations and can stand and remain stable, even through difficulties.

The difference is always the duration, and Panathinaikos has shown in almost seven months of this season that they respect his work and efforts like no one else. And let him not know the same … the apotheosis that the rest of his rivals experienced from time to time. It is enough to be there, endure and stay at the top even after this difficult period.

Of course, nothing is over. Now the work begins for Panathinaikos and for all the others in the “light” ten games of the qualifiers. But the “greens” will be ready there too. And having overcome the first peak of the season, they will go with the same spirit and the same mindset in a series of matches against all their rivals, chasing their final justification …